DE Global – Truly Touching the World!

Every time I get tired and frustrated trying to keep up with making five, five-minute videos each week, God keeps telling me that I can’t quit because we are touching the world and it is making a difference! Let me give you some examples:

  • I ran a very small, very focused, one week, one video evangelistic campaign in Liberia and Sierra Leone last month. I was astounded as 315 people messaged me that they had trusted Christ as their savior!

  • I posted a picture asking for prayers for a speaking engagement I had in Pennsylvania last week. Out of 157 people who liked it, the first ten were from Brazil, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Liberia, Kenya, Ecuador, Philippines, Hawaii, and Ohio.

  • We have 500 consistent daily viewers who come from over 35 nations plus 25 states in the USA.

So, we keep going, not sure where the Lord is taking this ministry.

Please keep praying.

Pray for wisdom and creativity.

Also pray for protection against curses put on us by some who hate what we do.

I would also appreciate your prayers as I hope to launch a new initiative this fall focused primarily for under-resourced global pastors.

Thank you,