Is Jesus Coming Soon?

Dave Earley

A little over a year ago, we posted a video titled,

Is Jesus Coming Soon?

You can view it on YouTube here:

This week, Facebook contacted me to tell me that 756,337 people from all over the world have engaged with that video as shown by the things Facebook measures: reactions, comments, shares, messaging, etc. Imagine, 750,000 people heard the gospel because of that one video. Just over 600 of these viewers have shared with us that they professed faith in Christ as result of that one video. Yay God!

It cost us $575 to create, post, and strategically market that video. That means that for every dollar we invested:

  • 1,250 people heard and saw the gospel presented and

  • 1 person made a salvation decision for Christ.

We could not do this without your help.

Currently, we need people to help DE Global so we can keep doing what we are doing and expand our reach through YouTube.

  1. Pray for us. When the gospel goes to dark places the attacks from the

    enemy intensify.

  1. Consider volunteering to help us keep up with our 16,000 Facebook Followers.

I would appreciate it if you would reply to this email with the commitment you can make at this time.

Thank you!