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Mushrooms as Sustainable Materials of the Future 🍄🌱

Cherished investors and subscribers,

Saturday, 25 June 2022, at 10:30 AM South Africa time.

Mushrooms aren’t just for stir-fry and psychedelic experiences anymore.
New research is pointing the way to valuable uses for the versatile natural material. Researchers and scientists around the world are working hard on creating building materials, medicine, cleaning products, textiles, biofuels, packaging, and countless other products out of the fungi.

One of the reasons mushrooms are such a sustainable superhero is that farming them doesn’t require much room. Because they can be stacked vertically in growing facilities, a mere acre of land can produce a whopping million pounds of shrooms every year – which means less deforestation to clear growing space.
It’s no wonder they’re being used to combat one of our most environmentally harmful habits; unsustainable packaging. Sustainable fungal materials have a high potential to replace non-sustainable materials such as those used for packaging or as an alternative for leather and textile.

​​​​​​​While some mycelium products are already commercially available, it’s still a very new production method. Innovators, like M2Bio, are still figuring out how to make the material stronger and how to better control and fine-tune the production. The properties of fungal materials depend on the type of fungus and substrate, the growth conditions, and post-treatment of the material.
Don’t miss the opportunity to meet the innovators, and learn about the mushrooms as sustainable materials of the future and their many applications.




Jeff Robinson and Dr. Anna Morera Leralta

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