Time for blue sky thinking?
Still living in lockdown, but nevertheless the debate is on about what comes afterwards.  Will it be full steam ahead back to our 'normal' way of life, or make recovery a reset, to build a more compassionate and climate safe society? This will be on the agenda at our AGM on 9th June. Meanwhile we can share the #BuildBack Better campaign messages, and there are links to share and write letters about the reckless trade agreement that the government seems to be aiming at with the US, betraying UK farmers in advance of the deal and undermining a potential deal with the EU.  We're also invited to join a campaign to get alternative narratives into mainstream media. Read on....
Transition Exeter AGM
Tuesday 9th June 7 pm 
Our AGM this year will take place by zoom.  Join us for an update, and to discuss how the #BuildBackBetter campaign is promoting opportunities through the post-Covid recovery for a greener, fairer society. The link to join and password is  below
Meeting ID: 897 2200 0812
Password: 962275
Dial in: Find your local number:
(If you have not used zoom before, click on the link 5 minutes before the meeting is due to start to allow the zoom software to download.  You may encounter some fierce warnings - this may damage your computer etc.  It's OK, lots of people use zoom with no ill effects including the UK Parliament.)

The Build Back Better UK campaign, temporarily based at Green New Deal UK is supported by a variety of green ngo's, social justice campaigns, health workers and international development organisations.  
"Let’s not go back to normal. It’s time for a new deal that protects public services, tackles inequality in our communities, provides secure well-paid jobs and creates a shockproof economy which can fight the climate crisis."
There are 5 demands:
  1. Secure the health of everyone into the UK now and in the future – that’s not just health care but enough good food, housing, enough energy to heat it, job security and clean air.
  2. Protect and invest in our public services – including paid and unpaid social care, schools and colleges, rescue services, early years care and local authorities
  3. A Green New Deal, decarbonising our economy in a way that tackles inequality and creates thousands of new decent jobs in transformative green industries.
  4. Invest in people. Rather than bailing out banks and corporations, ensure that people and communities are better off and have more say in their future
  5. Build solidarity and community across borders. Our future depends on prosperity and safety in poorer countries many of which are only beginning their fight against Covid-19. We should aim to end global injustices, conflict and environmental degradation, share technology and finance where needed
Join at and follow and share @BuildBackBetterUK on Fb @BuildBckBetter on Twitter.
Do you sometimes want to shout at the telly, rage or cry about the UK press or broadcast media?  Or (and?) might you sometimes put in a word for alternatives nobody is discussing?
Join with others to get your voice heard!
Post-Covid, the focus of the government seems to be on returning to business-as-usual (BAU) .  Below are two Invitations to get discussion of alternatives on UK media. 
BBC Tell the Truth
Campaign 'Emergency, Our Planet Matters'
We’re inviting you to be a part of a flood of messages to the BBC Complaints and Comments pages. Under their charter, the BBC is bound to share these messages with internal decision makers. This digital action will run for three weeks starting Monday 25th May, and leading up to the G7 Summit on June 10th-12th. Crucial economic decisions are made at the G7 summit, and environmental issues have been knocked off the agenda. 
We will target key programmes; Radio 4’s Today programme; BBC TV News at 1pm, 6pm and 10pm; and the World Service.

The BBC continues to promote a swift return to the very “business as usual” that is destroying life.
It demands that the BBC:
● presents informed alternative perspectives to challenge the government on its economic recovery plan;
● promotes citizen debate on the options for a green recovery;
● assigns priority to the climate and ecological emergency to match the existential threat.

Please  participate by:
1) submitting comments and complaints via the BBC website about the need to cover a green economic recovery instead of a return to “business as usual”.

2) taking a screenshot of your messages and any responses received, sharing on social media with the hashtags
#EmergencyOurPlanetMatters #NoGoingBack #BBC4CEE 

If you use Facebook, please post them to our page Emergency, Our Planet Matters or alternatively, you can update us via email at

To submit a comment:
To submit a complaint:

Writing your own comments and complaints
You are welcome to select and customise from the samples and resources here:
Be encouraging! When you see or hear something positive, do congratulate them. When they have missed an opportunity to provide an alternative approach, advise them. 
With a wider brief, Alter Narratives is a Devon led initiative to get the alternatives onto the agenda through mainstream media and offers ideas and contact to help us focus comments. There's a Whatsapp group so you can see what others are commenting on and easily add your comment.  Visit  or contact to find out more

Some good ideas on alternatives are worked out here 

US trade deal - talking behind closed doors   

The first round of formal trade talks with US has happened.  They've been about rules that will affect climate action, food standards, medicine prices, workers’ rights, health services, the power of digital platforms, corporate courts, climate action and financial regulation. These are complicated, controversial areas of public policy, with high risks of getting things wrong. Yet the secrecy with which the talks operate means the government can simply get away with telling parliament and the public nothing more than a bland reassurance that the talks were “positive” and that “objectives” and “next steps” have been agreed.
However, media stories reveal more about what is going on behind the closed doors: 
  • One leak shows that the trade minister, Liz Truss, is preparing a package of concessions on agriculture to offer the US in order to sweeten the deal.
  • Another report highlights why Truss feels the need to do this - 47 members of the US Congress have written to the US negotiator, calling on him to get rid of the UK’s ban on chlorine chicken ‘once and for all’.
  • Agriculture industry lobby groups are also pushing US negotiators to ‘seize the opportunity’ to get rid of protections for terms like Cornish pasty, stilton cheese or Scottish wild salmon.
We can already see that these talks are playing out as we had feared. This is going to be a corporate-driven trade deal that will sacrifice standards to big business profit. At a time when coronavirus has revealed how broken our global systems are, this deal would tie us into more of the same. We need to come together and build a movement that can stop this trade deal, and instead call for a radical reset.

To help in building the movement there are two things you can do right now 
The Flip:  Franny Armstrong's powerful series asking How can we flip our society from coronavirus to climate safety?

Episode 2 "Inequality": Michael Sheen, Prof Kate Pickett, Andrew Sims and Fatima Ibrahim
You can still see Episode 1 with Caroline Lucas, George Monbiot and Faiza Shaheen at
Talk and discussion led by Rob Hopkins for Extinction Rebellion Derby, looking at positive outcomes for leaving lockdown and building projects we can actually do.  Wednesday 3rd June 6.30 - 8 pm online.  Derby-oriented but all welcome. has details for booking.
We hope you are coping with lockdown and finding ways to do all the important things in life!  Look forward to 'seeing' some of you at our AGM on June 9th.

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