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It has been a mega busy week this week and plenty of meaty issues tht I have got my teeth into.

For the benefit of those who have subscribed to this list who are only interested in the Aldershot District Area Byelaws Consultation, I have marked the headings of those in orange so they can skip directly to that content.

  • Update on dodgy car park operators at Cedar Lane in Frimley
  • Surrey Heath full meeting of the Council
  • Aldershot District Area Byelaw Consultation
  • Pancake Day
  • Provision of football facilities in Surrey Heath
  • Factually incorrect leaflet distributed by local Lib Dems about the Esso Pipline Project
  • This would by why you could not get a train from Camberley last weekend
  • Access to MOD land meeting with Michael Gove MP
  • Planning applications

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Update on dodgy car park operators at Cedar Lane in Frimley

On Thursday evening I attended the Surrey Heath LC which was held at The Mytchett Community Centre. It was great to see it so well attended by residents.

The agenda and associated reports pack for this meeting can be found here: Surrey Heath LAC Agenda

Item 8 on the agenda was a very comprehensive presentation on Making Surrey Safer. There was one part of the presentation on protecting vulnerable residents and the role Trading Standards and other agencies play in that. I used this to highlight a long-standing problem in Surrey Heath around the Cedar Lane Car Park, Frimley and the series of dodgy operators that have prayed upon Surrey Heath residents for a very long time. I made no bones about describing these exceptional dubious operators as "Scum Bags" and that I wanted not only the operators closely looking at but also the bully boy solicitors they employ to chase payment of fines with underhand scare tactics. I also highlighted the fact that these operators subscribe to a self-regulatory body/membership organisation, the British Parking Association. Their entire existence relies on members and as such are completely ineffective at protecting the public from the dodgy operators that keep them going. The whole sorry affair is just a perpetual roundabout of misery as far as victims are concerned and the most incredible thing of all, it seems to be legal.

I was given an assurance by the Chief of Staff at Community Protection & Emergencies that she would make contact with me to get this matter looked at very closely and that my concerns on behalf of local residents would be taken seriously.

Of course, once I have heard from her and as to what course of action she will take, I will communicate this to residents via this Facebook page and my email list.

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Surrey Heath full meeting of the Council

On Wednesday evening I attended a very long full meeting of Surrey Heath Borough Council. The agenda and associated reports pack for this meeting can be found here.

If you have any questions about the any matters detailed in the agenda, please do get in touch me me.

Aldershot District Area Byelaw Consultation

On Tuesday I met with my good friend Paul Spooner (Guildford Borough Councillor)

I have mentioned in a previous posts that this issue does not just affect Surrey Heath and extends far wider. In the online meeting with our MP Michael Gove, my good friend Stuart Black, who also attended the meeting, pointed out that when you combine all the constituencies involved, there are about half a million people affected. My good friend Attieh Fard pointed out that is why only 35 days for a consultation is unacceptable.

I intend to involve as many elected representatives from across the affected constituencies as possible. I also believe this is a cross-party issue, and party politics should not come into it, which is why last week I invited my Lib Dem ward colleagues to join forces with me on this. I will be extending invites to every councillor at Surrey Heath to work together regardless of political colour. Every single resident is impacted by this, and I think they will expect us to work together.

Guildford Borough Council area (Ash in particular) is one of the regions defined as coming under Aldershot District Area. Paul Spooner is a councillor at Guildford Borough Council so I wanted to get his support which he gave me right away.

We will be making contact with every councillor and MP in the constituencies impacted to ask them to join forces on this and as mentioned below our MP will be assisting with this.

Watch this space.

Pancake Day

We love pancake day in our house and I am the person charged of making them.

The image below was my pancake which was inspired by my daughters topping creation. An absolute genius combination. Nutella and strawberry. Simple but inspring.

Provision of football facilities in Surrey Heath

Earlier this week I met with my good friend Paul Spooner (General Secretary Mytchett Athletic Football Club & Guildford Borough Councillor) at my defacto Mytchett Office, The EatWell Cafe.

We discussed several local issues but the provision of football facilities was discussed at length.

Paul has a broad interest in football across the region. He is Chairman of North East Hants Youth League, Council member of Aldershot Divisional FA and Club Secretary at Mytchett Athletic FC. So in terms of local football, there are not many who are as in touch with local footballing matters than he.

During our meeting, Paul expressed a growing concern among the local footballing community that there is a perception of inequality of support by Surrey Heath Borough Council. Members of various clubs are concerned that a small number of clubs may be favoured over others in respect of the provision of facilities.

I should stress that I do not know if these concerns are justified but if a perception exists then I feel compelled to ensure that parity of support, by the Council, for all clubs in the Borough exists.

Following our meeting, I have called an urgent meeting with the Executive Head of the Department responsible at Surrey Heath Borough Council so that these concerns can be directly addressed. The Executive Head has made contact with me and a meeting is in the process of being arranged.

As is often the case with perceptions, it can be down to something as simple as a breakdown in communication. But I do intend to get to the bottom of this on behalf of residents.

Factually incorrect leaflet distributed by local Lib Dems about the Esso Pipline Project

I received some communication from residents via my Frimley Green WhatsApp group regarding the Southampton to London Pipeline Project.

This followed a leaflet that had been put out by local Lib Dems over the weekend.

Having read the leaflet it does appear that the Lib Dems are a very late to the game on this as the consultation was held last year.

The project will cause some impact locally but I think the contents of their leaflet is alarmist and seeks to exploit reach into the community through misinformation, which is disapointing.

It was some time since I had read the documentation concerning the project in particular around the impact on the Division I represent at Surrey County Council. In order to refamiliarise myself with all the facts, because the documents are exceptionally long, I made contact with the Esso Project Team on Monday morning who provided me with a detailed briefing.

The Project Team have produced a Site Specific Plan for the SANG and St Catherines to address concerns. This can be downloaded here: Esso site specific plan

Surrey County Council's highways team and the Project Team have held detailed discussions, and as a result, they will not close Balmoral Drive. They will maintain pedestrian and emergency services access at all times and traffic management will be in place such as temporary traffic lights, to allow vehicles to access the roads off of Balmoral Drive during the installation of the pipeline. This means resident access, through traffic and access to the Tesco Express, the Church and Community Centre, will be maintained.

St Catherines Road will only be closed to through traffic, to maintain the safety of the team working along St Catherines Road. Access for residents, pedestrians and emergency services would be maintained. These restrictions will not for 2 years. It is most likely to be for 6 months max.

The project will make use of some of St Catherines SANG as a compound, but this would only be to support the works within the SANG and along St Catherines Road. The SANG would remain open throughout, and works would be securely fenced. Access to Frith Hill would be maintained and the SANG would be fully reinstated following the works. I will be personally be making sure the reinstatement is carried out to the satisfaction of residents.

Frith Hill is heavily treed, and it is a designated Site of Nature Conservation Interest. If they were to relocate the St Catherines SANG compound into Frith Hill woodland to serve the works in St Catherines Road and St Catherines Road SANG, it would require the removal of a substantial number of mature trees. It would also require the provision of an additional haul route to and from the compound for the delivery of materials, in addition to the haul road for the construction of the pipeline, to segregate compound traffic from construction traffic for health and safety reasons. The project team considered that these impacts and long-term harm are not justified when compared to the impact on St Catherines Road SANG (Clewborough) where no mature trees would be removed and the function of the SANG as open space would be retained. I have spoken to residents who have read the consultation documents in full. They seem to consider that the Esso plan is reasonable, but it is just a shame that it involves SANG land, which will have an impact on the green space and residents. However, on balance, I support the rational to use the SANGS rather than Frith Hill, which, to my mind is by far the best option and least impactful on the natural involves SANG land, which will have an impact on the green space and residents. However, on balance, I support the rational to use the SANGS rather than Frith Hill, which, to my mind is by far the best option and least impactful on the natural environment.

The entire 97km of replacement pipeline will take two years to install, with construction taking place between 2021 and 2022, subject of course to consent.

Esso and Surrey Heath Borough Council are discussing an agreement regarding the specific terms of the occupation of the SANG and negotiations are ongoing. Consequently, Surrey Heath Borough Council does not appear to object in principle to the Order Limits within St Catherines Road SANG. This would be undertaken as part of Esso's voluntary Environmental Investment Programme (EIP). The EIP comprises a range of activities along the proposed replacement pipeline route to carry out localised projects such as creating or improving habitats to enhance biodiversity.

The project team have wirtten to residents close to the affected areas, and I have included the letter as it most likely will not reach everyone: I completely respect any attempt to protect the environment but lets at least present residents with the facts which I hope I have provided a little more clarity here: Esso letter to residents

I encourage residents to make contact with the project team if they need any specific clarity on any of the issues that may arise as a result of the information contained here. If residents have any particular concerns that they would like me to raise on their behalf, in a non-party political way, please do get in touch, and I will be happy to assist. However, I would first encourage you to read the site-specific plan.

If you want an enthralling read then the detailed information on the project can be found here (Thanks to Graham in Frimley Green for helping me find this information to share). Please note that as discussions have been ongoing with the various relevant agencies, some of the information contained within the following documents may have been revised. The Site-specific plan above is the most up to date document.

Planning Inspectorate information - includes the timetable, agendas for the hearings etc

Surrey Heath's written submissions


The consultation information

This would by why you could not get a train from Camberley last weekend

Access to MOD land meeting with Michael Gove MP

On Sunday evening Attieh Fard, Stuart Black and I held an online meeting with our MP Michael Gove to discuss the issue of the Aldershot District Area Byelaw consultation. We briefed Michael on the very real fear of the community that the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) could fence off MOD Land that the community has had access to for generations.

We asked Michael if he would facilitate some meaningful discussions with the DIO about alternatives to restricting access and engage with the community in a meaningful way.

Michael agreed he would arrange to involve neighbouring MP's in affected areas in any discussions.

The communication plan published by the DIO suggests that the consultation they have planned would only last 35 days and we believe considering the vast number of people that could be impacted, that we would like to see this extended.

As soon as I have more information for residents I will post here and on my email list which if you do not already subscribe to, you can do so at

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I like to try and keep residents informed of the planning applications in my Borough Ward that go live on the SHBC Planning Portal.

Note that each application has a reg number which you can use when using the search feature on the portal in order to get the full details of the respective application.

As always if you have any comments in support or against any of these applications please do let me know.

The planning portal can be found here. It is worth registering and setting up alerts on applications you are interested in so you can be kept up to date on amendments and decisions.
As always I want to hear from you if you have any burning issues of a local nature so please do get in touch.

Best wishes

Cllr Paul Deach
Borough Councillor for Mytchett and Deepcut
County Councillor for Mytchett, Frimley Green and Deepcut
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