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  • Success for residents with disabilities
  • Police and Crime Q&A
  • Taxi's
  • Frimley Green Rec Vandalism
  • Wild Art Competition
  • St Barbara's Church Open Day
  • Deepcut Pub 🥳
  • SWR Consultation
  • Esso Pipeline Update
  • Open Artist Studios

Planning applications

Planning applications to go live this week on the Council Planning Portal. Download here.

Latest Highways Bulletin

Details of highways works that may cause disruption here.

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Hello <<First Name>>

After an especially busy period at work, I am back to normal and my newsletters will be delivered to your inbox with more frequency.

As you will see I have had a busy week on your behalf.

Could I draw your attention to the second item in my newsletter as it would be good to have you at the meeting and making sure we get Mytchett, Frimley Green and Deepcut well represented in the Police and Crime Commissioners plan.

Success for residents with disabilities

Last night a Full Meeting of Surrey Heath Council considered my motion which I will place at the bottom of this post.

I would like to thank Cllr Pat Tedder, who seconded the motion and all councillors at Surrey Heath Borough Council who unanimously supported and voted in favour of it.

Below is the speech that I presented to Councillors.

Members, the motion I bring to you this evening has come about as a result of the Wheelchair Accessible Swing that has now been installed at Frimley Lodge Park.

Most of you will be aware that I have campaigned for that swing for a number of years following an approach by a young disabled woman who lives in the ward I represent.

Since posting about the newly installed swing on my Facebook page, I was surprised at the number of residents that have contacted me to say that while they are delighted at the installation of this new facility, they feel that accessibility in the borough falls short of what they would consider acceptable.

When we think of accessibility, we sometimes default to wheelchair users, but there are many other examples where accessibility is vital to segments of our community. This includes (but by no means limited to) partially sighted residents, those with hearing impairments, dementia and residents with spectrum disorders. These are just a few examples and I know members here would be able to give many more examples of other disabilities or conditions that impact some of the residents we represent.

We are all in the fortunate position that the facilities this borough offers is accessible to us all but many residents do not enjoy the same good fortune.

For example, some residents and their carers cannot visit recreation areas and green spaces because there are no adequate toilet facilities to cater for their needs or the walking routes and paths that able-bodied residents enjoy are not suitable for their mobility equipment.

We have to also be mindful that it is not possible to provide suitable infrastructure at every facility for a whole host of viability reasons which could be financial, topographical or there may not be suitable utility to support.
I am not saying every facility we provide should include an accessibility element, however, I am saying the viability of accessibility should be carefully considered with all decisions this council makes when it comes to resident facing facilities we deliver.

I know that every member in this chamber regardless of political affiliation got involved in local politics because they want to make a difference. This is an opportunity to do just that by ensuring that it becomes a policy of this council that accessibility is always in our minds in everything this council does.

By supporting this motion we can all make a huge difference in many of our resident’s lives in so many ways that it would be impossible to list them all.

I do not believe this is a partisan matter which is why I was delighted that my friend and Independent Chobham Councillor Pat Tedder enthusiastically agreed to second the motion.

We have a real opportunity to make a difference in residents lives this evening members so I hope you will support this motion.

The motion I presented to a full meeting of the council is as follows:

Councillor Paul Deach to move that

“this Council RESOLVES that, in order for residents of all abilities/disabilities to be able to access the borough's services, facilities and infrastructure

(i) the Council will consider accessibility where applicable in all aspects of its decisions relating to resident facing public services/facilities so that all residents can benefit from such services regardless of ability/disability;
(ii) the Council will aspire to make the Borough an accessibility exemplar; and
(iii) any development approved by this council should consider accessibility where applicable and in accordance with Council policy as a component part in respect of any community gains.

Police and Crime Q&A

Local Police and Crime matters are very close to peoples hearts and account for a great deal of the communication I receive from residents.

Drug dealing, anti-social behaviour, burglaries and dangerous driving are just a few examples of the things residents have raised with me in recent months.

A new Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey was elected in May and I know she and her deputy have been busy constructing a Police and Crime Plan.

It is really important that residents have an opportunity to feed their views into the Police & Crime Plan for Surrey and I am keen that residents in Mytchett, Frimley Green and Deepcut have their say so that our area's priorities are represented adequately in the plan.

My friends Attieh Fard and Stewart Black have organised residents Zoom Q&A with the Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey tomorrow evening at 6.30pm and all residents in Frimley Green, Mytchett & Deepcut are warmly invited to get questions answered by the Deputy PCC and make sure she listens to views to input into the Police and Crime Plan for Surrey.

If you would like to take part in the Zoom meeting you can register to attend here.

I hope to see you tomorrow night so that we can make sure Mytchett, Frimley Green & Deepcut is well represented.


Last night I attended the Licencing Committee as a voting member. The agenda and associated reports pack for that meeting can be found here.

If you use Taxi's or operate a Taxi then the Council will be doing consultation very soon which may be of interest to you. I will of course let you know when that is made available.

Frimley Green Rec Vandalism

Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) at the Frimley Green Recreation Ground has been a constant source of Frustration for residents, especially to those that live adjacent or close by

However, the levels of ASB at Frimley Green Rec are at unprecedented levels.

So much so that the council insurers have said they are closely monitoring the situation, and if things don't improve, they will refuse to provide insurance cover.

Several play areas across the Borough are of concern, but Frimley Green Rec is most definitely one of them.
I should stress that green/recreation spaces are a Borough Council responsibility, and I am a County Councillor for Frimley Green, not a Borough Councillor. Non the less, that does not stop residents from contacting me to express concern.

Park infrastructure such as picnic tables has been vandalised to such a degree that they have been permanently removed. The public conveniences have also seen unprecedented levels of anti-social behaviour, including drug use and vandalism.

Residents are quite rightly fed up and want action and want to see their facilities replaced and improved. The council can not keep installing new facilities only for mindless idiots to destroy again.

Councillors from across the political spectrum have been working with Council Officers, Surrey Police, and the Portfolio Holder responsible for finding solutions to the issue.

Several measures are being proposed, which include:
  • CCTV for the location
  • Overnight Proactive Security Patrols
  • Public Conveniences will be opened in line with the opening hours of the Recreation Ground. The windows and doors will also be strengthened with the hope they will stop the vandalism.
Once the situation improves, then the council will be re-installing the facilities at the Recreation Ground.

I want to thank the residents who have made contact with me and other councillors about this issue and for your patience. It has gone on for too long, but I am sensing an end in sight. It is entirely unacceptable that residents should have to go without facilities such as picnic tables, adding to the enjoyment of their green spaces just because of a small number of dim-witted morons.

Wild Art Competition

If you are looking for a fun activity for the kids to do...

St Barbara's Chruch Open Day

St Barbara's Church, Deepcut has a temporary home at the new Mindenhurst School.

They will be holding an open day on Saturday 7th August between 10:30 - 12:30 and 3:30 and 5:30.

Event information is below and on the St Barbara's Church website:

Deepcut Pub 🥳

I think it is fair to say that two of the most eagerly anticipated elements of the infrastructure to be delivered for the Mindenhurst development are the Supermarket and the Pub.

Progress is being made on the Supermarket and I hope to have some solid news on that soon.

Residents will be excited to learn that work has begun by Hall and Woodhouse on the construction of the Public House. It is anticipated that the pub will be open by Spring 2022.

Hall and Woodhouse are great family pub operators and having dined at several of their pubs, I know the pub will be a wonderful addition to the village.

I think below is a fair representation of the reaction to this news on my Facebook page. 🤣

SWR Consultation

I have received an email from the Regional Development Manager at South Western Railways - SWR about a consolation they are currently holding which I thought I would share:


South Western Railway (SWR), in partnership with Network Rail and the Department for Transport, is today launching a consultation on proposals for our December 2022 timetable. This is a strategic review of future service levels across our network and we are keen to hear what you think. Our consultation document is attached. We would invite you to read this before sharing your views with us: it sets out our plans in detail and includes a series of questions for you to answer, as well as FAQs and guidance on how to respond.

Our approach to our future timetable is informed by an acknowledgement that, in the past, we have responded to ever higher customer demand by increasing the number of trains on the SWR network, often at the expense of the performance and reliability of our services. But, as we emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic, we have a unique opportunity to build back a better railway for the future. Since March 2020, we have been supported by the Government to run a reduced service that has kept key workers moving. This period has shown that our performance improves significantly when we are able to run fewer trains while still meeting demand for our services. Customer satisfaction has also improved.

Even though passengers are returning to the railways, all the forecasts suggest they will not return to pre-Covid levels for the foreseeable future. Now is the time, therefore, to start planning for a long-term timetable that will retain the reliability improvements we’ve made, meet the forecast demand, provide value for the taxpayer while balancing other local and national priorities. In summary, we are proposing changes which, while resulting in a slight reduction in frequencies, will still deliver capacity at 93% of pre-Covid levels. This is in excess of both current and predicted demand.

Crucially, we are considering a specification for services rather than specific trains or a timetable. It is for that reason that we are consulting with a defined set of organisations, which have a strategic or representative role rather than the wider community. You may wish, of course, to canvass opinion before responding to this consultation.


Full details about the consultation can be found in this document:

Esso Pipeline Update

I have received this update with the latest information about the Surrey Heath element of the Esso Pipeline installation. Download here.

Open Artist Studios

Artists Open Studios (AOS) is a superb opportunity to meet local artists, find put about their work, and find inspiring artwork to take home.

The event is on from Saturday 31st July through to Sunday 8th August. This year organisors are doing a local event featuring 6 artists across 4 studios in the Frimley area who are taking part and who would love to have you visit.

Local artists work across a range of mediums including glass, painting, pottery, digital design and photography.

More details can be found on the AOS website ( where you can also download the Map and find opening times and dates.

Obviously, this year has been difficult for a number of the artists with studios closed, and workshops cancelled so it really would be lovely for them to see any of you who are venturing out. Mark Laird who asked me to include this in my newsletter is on Alphington Avenue, and he makes fused glass garden and home art as well as jewellery. His garden will be open, and he will have the workshop open for small numbers at a time. Mark will be sharing his studio with Lisa Davies who is an incredible local illustrator, and she will have a range of original and print works, as well as gifts and other items.

Download the event flyer here.
As always I want to hear from you if you have anything you would like to discuss with me of a local nature.

Best wishes

Cllr Paul Deach
Borough Councillor for Mytchett & Deepcut
County Councillor for Mytchett, Frimley Green & Deepcut
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