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Planning applications

These are the planning applications to go live on the Surrey Heath Borough Council Planning Portal this week. Use the corresponding reference number on the portal search. Download here.

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Hello <<First Name>>

I am so pleased to hear that there are lots of residents who are being invited to have their second jab. It is really remarkable what the NHS has achieved in the roll-out of the vaccination program. Mrs Deach and I have had our first ones and we can't wait to have our second ones.

Campaign update

As you might imagine, I am now in the full throws of my election campaign and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

You may recall that I did a poll of residents recently about door to door campaigning and the response was very clear. 70% said they would prefer not to have people come to their door to canvass for their vote. Many said if they cant visit their own family and stand at the door, then they don't think is right that I should be allowed to do that. While the government rules allow me to canvass door to door, I have decided that unless something major changes between now and 6th May, I will respect the wishes of the majority of residents.

Mindenhurst public exhibition

I wrote to you earlier this week to let you know that the Developers of Mindenhurst are to hold a public exhibition via their website and are to hold two webinars the first of which was held last night. In order to attend the webinars, you do have to register in advance here.

You can download the public exhibition boards here. These will give you an insight into what is being proposed in terms of the next phases of the infrastructure.

I did live stream the webinar to my Facebook page.

Covid Marshals

Earlier this week I attended the Surrey Heath Borough Council Licensing Committee as a voting member.

My good friend Cllr Dan Adams made a representation to the committee about the COVID Marshals whose job is to keep people safe while out and about in the community.

I was appalled to hear Dan advise the committee that he has witnessed on several occasions, the COVID Marshals being subjected to a torrent of abuse from people who they have asked to put on a mask.

Only a few weeks ago I had cause to be in the town centre and actually witnessed a COVID Marshal approach a member of the public who was not wearing a mask. The Marshal could not have been more polite and thankfully the member of the public he approached was also polite in response.

A senior officer of the council also informed the committee that a number of COVID Marshals have quit due to the abuse they get.

I addressed the committee to say I am appalled to hear this and that I am sure most residents would be too.
My intention is to share this post across local groups to appeal to residents to be respectful to the COVID Marshals. They are there to do a job and that is to keep us safe.

Construction traffic

Residents have been complaining over recent weeks about Mindenhurst Construction traffic not using approved routes to and from the site.

I have been informed this week that an official complaint has been logged by Surrey Heath
Borough Council. As a result, Skanska is reminding all construction traffic/3rd party suppliers of the approved routes.

In addition to this, last week I contacted the site manager of the phase of the development in question to raise concerns about this. As a result of this, I arranged for Surrey County Council Highways Planning Officer for this area to make contact with the site manager to expedite the erection of signs that make it easier for construction vehicles to follow approved routes. This work is ongoing.

Supporting the Police

I was left sick to the stomach at the scenes from Bristol earlier this week. That was not a protest, it was mindless thuggery and I very much hope the people responsible are given the toughest justice available.

This article is to show total support for our police officers across the UK, who I hold in the highest regard.

I happen to know many serving police officers get these emails so I am sure they will get some comfort from knowing there is a lot of support for them.

Feeling safe

The recent announcement by the PM about "Immediate Steps" being taken to protect woman and girls on our streets better has prompted some comments from residents about the Part Night Street Lighting Scheme.

The Government has said it will double the Safer Streets fund to £45 million.

In response to this, Cabinet Member for Highways at Surrey County Council. Matt Furniss said:

We welcome the new round of the Safer Streets Fund announced by the Government this week. Surrey County Council takes safety and crime prevention very seriously. We always want to listen to residents and work together to provide the safest environment possible.

We are talking to Surrey Police to see if there are any areas disproportionately affected by neighbourhood and acquisitive crime in which we can support a Surrey Police or a joint Surrey Police and SCC bid for prevention interventions such as home security and street lighting.

This would be in addition to any 'hotspots' in Surrey which were either identified by the Police before the introduction of part night lighting and so were not turned off or where a request has subsequently been received from them the lights have been turned them back on.

While a blanket approach to every area and community across Surrey would not be appropriate in terms of street lighting, not least because residents have raised the environmental impact, if residents have any concerns about lighting in any particular area, they should contact their local police force, who we work with regularly to consider any necessary changes to ensure residents feel safe and to help Surrey Police deal with crime. If turning on lights will in any way improve safety or allay resident concerns, then we will do that.

Streetlights in Surrey are only switched off between 1am and 5am and those on main roads and in town centres remain on all night. Lights on high pedestrian routes and around train stations remain on for an hour after the last train which may be later than 1am."

There is a split in views on this where some residents would like to see the lights left on through all hours of darkness. But from what I can tell, there are just as many residents who are staunchly in support of them remaining off, mostly on environmental grounds.

There seems to have been a spike in criminal activity in some locations of the community I represent, and the discussion of street lighting has come up around that too.

Earlier today, I attended the Communities, Environment and Highways Select Committee as a voting member. I asked for this matter to be added to the work program in the next Council Year to be looked at. This seemed to get unanimous support.

This would be in addition to any 'hotspots' in Surrey which were either identified by the Police before the introduction of part-night lighting and so were not turned off or where a request has subsequently been received from them, the lights have been turned back on.

When this is discussed, whether I am re-elected to the county council or not, I will survey residents for their views and present this as a witness to the committee

If this is something you wish to speak to me about, please do reply to this email.
As always I want to hear from you if you have anything you would like to discuss with me of a local nature.

Best wishes

Cllr Paul Deach
Borough Councillor for Mytchett & Deepcut
County Councillor for Mytchett, Frimley Green & Deepcut
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