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Experiential Approach to Teaching Entrepreneurship through Workplace Learning

Improving entrepreneurial skills of VET students and teachers through cooperation with local businesses


Newsletter n.1

CREATOR is a project of entrepreneurship education for VET students through workplace learning in the light of The Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan.
The guiding principle of the CREATOR project is to provide evidence based experiential teaching model to ensure long-term sustainable cooperation between VET providers and local business organisations.


CREATOR aims at fostering entrepreneurship education through workplace learning in the light of The Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan.

The project:

  • puts a special emphasis on  strengthening entrepreneurship as one of the key competency in VET curricula,
  • provides more effective work-based opportunities to acquire entrepreneurship competency in I-VET,
  • emphasizes the importance of teaching entrepreneurship with strong cooperation with business organizations, which can offer students real life entrepreneurial cases.
As a result of growing dynamic and complexity of the world of education and entrepreneurship more and more VET institutions are willing to look for new opportunities for sustainable cooperation with the world of labour. Close cooperation with business world benefits students, teachers and companies. The guiding principle of the CREATOR project is to provide evidence based experiential teaching model to ensure long-term sustainable cooperation between VET providers and local business organisations.

CREATOR implements experiential teaching of entrepreneurship in VET schools through more frequent and quality cooperation between VET providers and local business organizations.
Specific objectives
  • Introduce a new model of teaching entrepreneurship by working on real life cases in business and industry
  • Deliver new entrepreneurship training material for teachers and students
  • Equip VET teachers with skills for coaching and supporting students in their  entrepreneurial endeavours
  • Support cooperation between VET providers and local business to offer opportunities for practical development of entrepreneurial competencies of VET students and implementation of creative business solutions for local companies.
Project results will be practically oriented, offering a comprehensive guidelines and tools for experiential teaching of entrepreneurship.
  1. Guidelines for experiential teaching of entrepreneurship – a document for implementation of experiential teaching of entrepreneurship based on close cooperation with local business.
  2. Teaching material for teachers and learning workbook for students – manuals in 5 different languages to support work based learning of entrepreneurship.
  3. Compendium of prototypes created in entrepreneurial projects in the scope of workplace entrepreneurship trainings of VET students.
  4. Evidence based study of effects of experiential teaching of entrepreneurship on entrepreneurial competencies of VET teachers and students.
CREATOR partnership consists of nine partners coming from five EU countries. All organisations, in different ways, are active in the field of entrepreneurship and will give their own contribution to the achievement of project results. Except for Croatia, in each country there are two different types of organisations: an organisation working in the field of entrepreneurial education a VET school (in Croatia, BHV runs with both roles). Moreover, in each country local companies will be involved in the project as associated partners (they offer real life cases to students who will work on business challenges as part of their entrepreneurial projects).
Werkstatt-Berufskolleg Unna focuses its lessons on the life-time of its students. New media, out-of-school learning places, differentiation courses and current projects are all developed together with the students. Professional workshops are available for manual work. The classrooms are large and equipped with all necessary media. Retreat rooms are available, the training room method allows new learning opportunities in school day. All students have the right to individual or small group support classes with intensive care. Our students are actively participating in the school councils and influence the school development and new ideas.

ilmiofuturo is an innovative start up running in the field of lifelong learning system since 2014. It aims to support people in their own personal and professional growth. In the today complexity where rules and roles change continuously, ilmiofuturo supports people in reaching a proper condition of personal self-fulfilment. What get ilmiofuturo passionate and inspired is working for a World of “autonomous and connected people”, fulfilled people able to imagine and create the World they wish. People as key-players in the society of awareness.

STEP Institute is a non-profit organization passionate about people development. Mission is to empower people for better functioning in work environment. We help people to discover and nurture their talents, brushing soft skills and realizing their entrepreneurial ideas into practice. By offering interactive workshops, generating creative learning material, supporting coaching, and inspiring career guidance we aim to increase employability, empower people for entrepreneurship, and foster personal and professional development. Business and education are traditionally separate worlds.

GEPŠ Piran: Main activity of GEPŠ Piran, Electro and Maritime department is educational activity for acquiring professional titles:  electrical engineer, logistic engineer and maritime engineer/cadet. For successful completion of training, students must successfully complete a period of work experience in companies, both from the maritime industry and electric industry. By organizing such trainings and preparing students for work placements, the school and its teachers gain a lot of experience from the local industry.

Electromureş Technological School of Tirgu Muresis is a vocational technical school, preparing thousands of graduates in the specific fields. Currently, our educational offer includes specializations of technical profiles, such as information technology, automation, computers science, electronics, and specializations in the economic and tourism profile with two teaching sections, in Romanian and Hungarian.At present the teachers, try to prepare the students, both theoretically and practically, to cope with the labour market in a dynamic and competitive environment.

Petru Maior University  is a state institution for higher education and scientific research which was founded in 1960. "Petru Maior" University of Tirgu-Mures has three faculties: Engineering, Science and Letters, and Economics, Law and Administrative Sciences. The two components of its activity (education and research) are kept in a balance under a quantitative and qualitative aspect, in a relatively equal proportion."Petru Maior" University of Tirgu-Mures also represents a centre of lifelong training for the specialists in areas where the institution has the necessary competence; and it stimulates regional activity in the scientific, cultural, technical, economic and social field. 

Di Poppa Rozzi vocational school from Abruzzo-Italy trains students for Hospitality Industry and Agriculture, being experienced in tourism, marketing, agriculture. Ours is a very big Institute with more than 1000 students and the topic of this project is quite pregnant for them. In order to promote and understand the direct relationship between the school and the territory in which it carries on its activities, a policy of sustainable tourism, of protection and management of the environment, of the natural as well as of the cultural, historical, artistic and gastronomic heritage, has been carried on.  

BHV is a specialized agency that, since 1995, has organized internships and other educational programmes for domestic students in both EU nations and nations overseas through a network of more than 100 reliable partners abroad, many of which are state and private universities, colleges, high schools, language schools, government bodies, NGOs, private companies, agencies, etc. In Croatia, they cooperate closely with local high schools and universities, government bodies, state and private companies, as well as embassies of foreign countries. Since 3 years ago BHV is also Educational Centre providing courses in entrepreneurship, English language and personal development to young adults.

Plattform  is a laboratory and facilitator of social, cultural and educational innovation. It was founded 2008 as registered association in Erfurt the capital of Thuringia, Germany. Its activities are driven by 8 to 15 employees and free lancers plus volunteers. At Plattform we challenge the perception, handling and policy to youth, culture, space and economy. To achieve that we encourage target persons to become active and strive for their ideas, providing education, counselling and resources, e.g. micro project funding, collaborative actions, access to house walls, rooms, fallow land, abandoned houses.

Kick off meeting in Unna
On 30 November/1 December 2017 the kick-off meeting took place in Unna (DE). The lead partner Werkstatt-Berufskolleg Unna host the meeting, welcoming all other partners in its school building with warm breakfast. Then partners introduced themselves and the project’s work started officially according the planned agenda: main presentation of the project, intellectual outputs to implement, tasks and roles of partners, project management, impacts and dissemination, planning of next steps. Two-days kick-off meeting was a priceless opportunity to get to know each other better, reinforce the partnership and the willingness to successfully implement the project, and clarify any potential doubt.
Next meeting: International Learning Activity in Ljubljana
STEP Institute will organise a 3-day international train-the-trainers course in the mid of April 2018 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
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