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Janusz Korczak Association of the USA
April 2020
Dear Korczakians,

We are writing to you, during this extraordinary time in our lives, to share our concern, our creativity, and our confidence with you:
Concern—that all of us are staying as healthy as possible in our homes and in our work, especially if it takes us outside into the wider world, have all of our basic needs met, and the support of family and friends in this time of isolation.
Creativity—that we may call upon inner resources to meet the challenge of quarantine with dare we say- joy- and take advantage of the opportunity to read, knit, build, walk, cook, bake, write, reflect, meditate- create!
Confidence—that we will return to life, perhaps not as we have known it, but in a renewed and invigorated way, with all that we have gained from the slower pace and the inner challenges of this "time out."
Of course, we cannot underestimate the damage that may be done to our economic lives and the pain of separation from elders and loved ones. More important than anything else, our children are experiencing a world at more than arm's length, a world without touch, without immediate warmth, a world of virtual reality. In this time of uncertainty, we can be the safety and security of our children; they can experience with us not isolation but closeness, not the loss of schooling but new ways to learn, not boredom but new paths to adventure. Our opportunity—to live out the principles of a healthy life for children—is here!
Dr. Janusz Korczak, who unites us in our interest and admiration for his life and work, faced unimaginable challenges in the two World Wars and the time in between. His love for children, his respect for them, and his wisdom in loving and educating them, has been shared with us through his writings, children's books and plays, and his total legacy. The courage that he displayed cannot be overstated, and his concern, creativity, and confidence led him to care for his children in the worst of circumstances and through the gate of death. 
Our times are not to be compared, and yet courage is always needed....
Perhaps this is a time to re-read his biography, or tell his story to a loved one, or to write a poem or make a drawing that is inspired by his life and his children. Whatever you choose to do, we are always glad to hear from you and to share in this unique time in our lives.
With all good wishes and hoping to hear from you soon,
for the Janusz Korczak Association of the USA,

Joyce Reilly
Vice President


Janusz Korczak with the Orchestra of the Children's Home.Used with permission from Daniel Berek’s Janusz Korczak collection. For more information visit
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