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Welcome to the inaugural edition of Foresight, a technical update from Chemical Insights, a Research Institute of Underwriters Laboratories Inc. You are receiving this email because you have attended one of our Summits, Roundtables, or have previously expressed interest in our science initiatives. We were formerly UL Chemical Safety & Human Health, and in March 2020, we rebranded and we are now Chemical Insights.

Our research on environmental pollution and its impact on human health includes collaborative initiatives on 3D printing, flame retardants and safer residential furniture, global chemical and particle air pollution, human exposure to chemicals, and e-cigarette/vaping toxicity. Working with our University Partners and our state of the art Toxicology Laboratory, we are excited to provide human exposure data on key pollutants and to introduce tools for measuring and reducing risks of exposure. Foresight will provide insight to our current projects, research technologies, reports, educational programming, and glimpses into our future endeavors. We seek to conduct and share our science research for the greater good—making the world a safer, healthier place.

If you are interested in joining one of our Taskforce groups or have a research suggestion on an emerging need, please reach out at We welcome your interest and suggestions.

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Dr. Marilyn Black, LEED AP
VP and Senior Technical Advisor
Chemical Insights, Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

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Our Featured Initiatives

Indoor Air Quality
COVID-19 Learning Module

Chemical Insights has published an interactive learning module on SARS-CoV-2. It describes how the virus is likely transmitted by droplets and fine aerosols and how to take appropriate ventilation, disinfection, and precautionary measures to protect human health and indoor environments. Visit our eLearning Center to access the learning module and watch the videos highlighting important steps for reducing exposure.
COVID-19 Infographic

Chemical Insights is excited to share a new dynamic infographic, “Clearing the Air on COVID-19,” that discusses aerosol transmission of respiratory viruses, protection practices, and other health effects from indoor air pollution.
e-Cigarettes and Vaping

Our newest science research with Georgia State University’s School of Public Health addresses research gaps that exist on Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS) emissions and human toxicity. Research includes characterizing coarse and ultrafine particle emissions separated by size range; identifying volatile organic compound emissions; and conducting direct measurement of ENDS particle toxicity via cellular assays. 
3D Printing
Asthma Community Network and 3D Printing Education

Chemical Insights has partnered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Indoor Environments Division and launched a free, four-part online educational course on the health risks associated with 3D printer emissions and ways to reduce human exposure. The course is now available on the Asthma Community Network.
Department of Education's Green Strides
3D Printer Toolkit

Chemical Insights’ 3D Printing toolkit is now available to K-12 schools through the U.S. Department of Education’s Green Strides online resource portal. The toolkit titled, “3D Printer School Safety: A Guide for Supporting Indoor Air Quality and Human Health,” was created to help administrators, teachers, and parents mitigate chemical exposure and maintain a safe and healthy indoor environment while using the technology.
Furniture Flammability
Furniture Flammability and Human Health Taskforce

Chemical Insights has teamed with third-party experts in residential fire management, chemical health risks, and product design to provide actionable guidelines for the selection and specification of residential upholstered furniture that reduces both fire and chemical exposure risks. Culminating from years of collaborative discussion and research, materials will be available after the first of the year. 
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