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It has been more than a year since COVID-19 hit our community. Together, we have rallied through living in isolation and have tackled unprecedented challenges. As winter draws to a close and we find hope in the vaccine roll-out, there is still much work to be done to ensure that vaccine distribution is more equitable, that accurate information is disseminated by trusted sources, and that we continue to take necessary preventative steps to stay safe and protect our neighbors.

We at F.Y. Eye recognize that our mission and work to connect all New Yorkers to the information and resources they need are more relevant than ever. Our COVID-19: Stay Informed page offers an extensive library of credible information and resources that connects you with up-to-date guidance specific to NYC. We are proud to support New York’s nonprofit and community organizations through this distressing time and thank all our partners and stakeholders for their continued partnership. In the months ahead, we will turn our focus toward collaborating with community groups on vaccine equity initiatives across NYC. Interested in developing a campaign to help New Yorkers get vaccinated? We want to hear from you.

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The PSA Network Continues to Grow!
Host Spotlight: Brooklyn Cooperative
F.Y. Eye is proud to welcome Brooklyn Cooperative as the newest Host member of the PSA Network. Brooklyn Cooperative is the first Federal Credit Union to join the community media cooperative, and we are thrilled to partner with an organization that builds wealth by offering fair and affordable financial services.
Photo credit: Brooklyn Cooperative

Two digital billboards are now located at their Bushwick and Bedford-Stuyvesant sites, where they will reach diverse populations of Caribbean Americans, Central and South American Immigrants, and a multi-ethnic mix of young next generation New Yorkers. As we do across the PSA Network, we look forward to connecting their community members with critical information about a range of valuable programs and services.
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PSA Highlights
This winter has been extremely challenging in so many ways. The PSAs recently showcased on the community media cooperative necessarily respond with useful resources related to food security, housing, criminal and financial justice, public health and support for older adults. Please let us know what additional information you want to see amplified across our city and which organizations we can help to promote on the PSA Network and beyond.
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Impact & Evaluation

F.Y. Eye amplifies nonprofit voices across New York. We work to ensure that every campaign effectively reaches the intended target audience while communicating in a culturally relevant way. Check out some of our latest examples of how we supported efforts to Move The Needle on Workers' Rights, Upend Stereotypes About People With Disabilities, and Pioneer Pandemic-Proof Outreach Strategies. Do you have a campaign that could benefit from F.Y. Eye's services? Learn more about our offerings.

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With Gratitude
We are thankful for our community’s participation in our 15th Anniversary Fundraising Campaign. We were heartened by how you showed up, both in numbers and in spirit! Special thanks to our clients and partners for allowing us to share the incredible work we have created together. We will continue the celebration in the coming months and invite your continued support.
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Interesting Read
F.Y. Eye is committed to helping build necessary awareness about Ranked Choice Voting (RCV), New York's new voting system for municipal elections. For a deeper dive into RCV, check out this Bushwick Daily article “This Election, You’ll Rank Your Choices,” which elegantly breaks down RCV and the reasons it can strengthen local democracy. See more about our efforts in our "One last thing." section below.
Upcoming Event
Bronx Arts Ensemble is celebrating Women’s History Month by hosting a free online concert on Sunday, March 21 at 1:00 PM. It will feature Bronx-based composer Kamala Sankaram’s and her unique band Bombay Ricket, which blends the sounds of surf rock/cumbia/spaghetti-Western/Bollywood. 

One last thing.

F.Y. Eye is not only committed to democratizing advertising but also advancing the human right to seek, receive, and impart information and ideas. In partnership with others, we are working to increase knowledge and understanding about Ranked Choice Voting as a voting method to help democratize democracy. We believe that if New Yorkers are informed about RCV, it will allow for new voices in politics and encourage greater participation. Let us know if you want to collaborate as well!

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