Halo! Welcome to this week's digest. This week is a super special 'Vacation' edition, where I took a week off and really mailed it in ;D This week's topics include stand-up comedy, ancient wars, bullshit excuses, and neurological rationality. Enjoy!

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"I was haunted all my life by a strange sense of unease... Yet even this feeling served me well. It kept reminding me that, despite my rank, I was only a man—a man who might at any time be seized by the power of evil." ~ Cyrus the Great
LETTERS TO THE EDITOR (AKA I have a lot to learn from you)

Jono, replying to Layer Cake
: "Layer Cake rocks."


AJ, replying to Key Health & Wellness Behaviors for Productivity: "Really big fan of the H&W table and the idea of building on fundamentals for wellness. I also wonder if it's not just within verticals (sleep, exercise, mindfulness, etc.) that you need to get the basics right, but even across verticals. I.e., before moving on to intermediate nutrition, it behooves you to be fully competent in basic everything."

I completely agree with you on getting the basics rights across verticals first. This is where a lot of us like to do what's easier (e.g., move from Intermediate to Advanced on a vertical we like while not getting the basics right elsewhere). Level up the right way :D (So many brownie points for an excellent use of 'behooves', too)

- HBO: Crashing - Pete Holmes + Judd Apatow + stand-up comedy inside baseball + tremendous emotional vulnerability = excited consumption.

BOOK - Xenophon's Cyrus the Great: The Arts of Leadership and War (My full Kindle notes) - A timeless tale of leadership and personal reflection, filled with inspiring one-liners and actionable wisdom, and featuring themes of giving first, strength via mental fortitude, empowering others, transparent humility, and inspiring conviction. A proud new resident of my (digital) bookshelf.

My highlights:
  • I learned early on to suppress my emotions and respond to danger with great composure. I was never the plaything of fear or greed.
  • Only one way is always open, and that’s the way of sympathy.
  • I deeply believe that leaders, whatever their profession, are wrong to allow distinctions of rank to flourish within their organizations. Living together on equal terms helps people develop deeper bonds and creates a common conscience. Those who live together are far less likely to desert one another in a crisis; those who live apart are far more likely to pursue their narrow self-interest.
  • Success always calls for greater generosity—though most people, lost in the darkness of their own egos, treat it as an occasion for greater greed... If we choose this moment to indulge ourselves, we’ll miss a great opportunity to strengthen our ties of brotherhood.
  • Freedom, dignity, and wealth—these three together constitute the great happiness of humanity. If you bequeath all three to your people, their love for you will never die.
  • If success means that a man has to give up seeing his best friends, then it’s completely overrated!
  • The modest person, I told them, will do nothing blameworthy in the light of day, but a true paragon of self control— which we all should strive to be—avoids unworthy actions even in the deepest secrecy of his private life.
  • Convinced that it’s impossible to feel hatred toward those who treat us with love, I never lost an opportunity to reward my warriors, even if I remained uncertain of their loyalty.
  • In my experience, men who respond to good fortune with modesty and kindness are harder to find than those who face adversity with courage.
  • I was haunted all my life by a strange sense of unease... Yet even this feeling served me well. It kept reminding me that, despite my rank, I was only a man—a man who might at any time be seized by the power of evil.
  • ...every leader must actively raise up his followers, and you must win their hearts by the kindness that springs from love.

FORUM POST - Indie Hackers: Efficiency Is An Excuse To Not Do The Actual Work - A prescient reminder from Trevor McKendrick that doing is everything, especially as we face our fears and battle resistance to do something truly meaningful.

My highlights:
  • If you’re trying to do something efficiently you’re probably stalling.
  • So much "work" is merely distracting ourselves from the reality: we have no customers, we don't know what people want, we don't have a sales channel, and on and on.

PODCAST - Waking Up #119: Hidden Motives - Sam Harris' conversation with Robin Hanson illuminates a wide variety of meaningful topics with an emphasis on neurological rationality and humility. I am better for having reflected on Robin's perspectives, particularly his emphasis on only expounding on topics where he has unique knowledge or analysis.

My highlights:
  • [Robin] I don't know the details, so I defer. I am happy not having opinions on many of these subjects... I only want to express an opinion on things I've actually studied and I have something to tell you about.
  • [Sam] (Determinism) is a huge enabler of your capacity to forgive... When you just look at evil people doing bad things, on some level they are malfunctioning robots, they have brains that we don't completely understand... At a certain point ... human evil will look like a neurological problem and it may admit of a cure... Then you would recognize that everyone in human history up until that moment who had been evil was just unlucky, on some level a victim of biology and all the other influences that led to them having the brains they have.

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