Combine Nikuni VDF
with Sumitomo's FINEMAG Magnetic Seperator for Enhanced Filtration!

Standard Magnetic Seperator Coolant Flow chart

Magnetic separators offer a 1 to 1 ratio in terms of "dirty" unprocessed fluid and its processed fluids

In turn, requiring a large magnetic separator to handle entire filtration load


Nikuni VDF + Sumitmo FINEMAG Magnetic Seperator Coolant Flow Chart

Alternatively, when the highly effective Sumitomo FINEMAG Magnetic separator is combined with the Nikuni VDF, the VDF only discharges 10% of the entire load into the Sumitomo FINEMAG Magnetic separator, reducing its load capacity!

In turn, sufficiently reducing the size of the required Magnetic Seperator!

Reducing initial cost and floor space while maintaining high performance of both unit!

Sludge is captured by the VDF and disposed directly into the Sumitomo FINEMAG, thanks to the integrated and highly effective motorized squeegee mechanism found in the Magnetic Separator unit.
Offering the ability to alleviate of all excess coolant, leading to dry sludge for easy recycling or proper disposal!

VDF & Magnetic Separator

Processed sludge is concentrated to 1/10

- Post process simplification.
- Downsized magnetic separator.

Fine cast iron sludge is collected
- Stop offensive odors and collect fine sludge.

Collected sludge is dehydrated
- Reduce industrial waste and streamline work.

Low cost
- Significant reduction of initial costs.

Power consumption, industrial waste,
and labor cost reductions
- Increase profit by reducing running costs.

Nikuni Accessories available as well

Nikuni Kasumi Oil Skimmer
The Nikuni oil skimmer, Kasumi, is equipped with a special belt and
effectively removes tramp oil--machine lubricant oil and broken-down emulsion oil from the machine coolant--from the surface of the machine tool tank.

Preventing emulsion coolant from decaying and odors from
anaerobic bacteria by exposing the coolant to air.
Nikuni VSC3100 Small Chiller unit
Prevents temperature fluctuation for small precision machines Improve
machining precision by cooling down the coolant temperature 
Compact with easy Installation and operation
The size of the chiller is only 300mm x 250mm. It only requires common AC100V
The chiller automatically turns on when the coolant exceeds the set temperature
within 2.5°C
Nikuni VDF and Magnetic Separator Demonstration's available!
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