Coolant of your CNC machine Lathe getting dirty?
Fines and residue ruining your high pressure coolant pipelines?

Small fines of material fall into the coolant while the CNC lathe operates.

Without filtration, the fines can get sucked into the piping on your lathe, clogging it.

This would shut down or possibly even damage the lathe, costing time and money.
Keep your lathes running smoothly!
Take back your part quality!

Filter your coolant to restore the clean operation you expect from your CNC lathes!

But how?

Vortex Dynamic Filter
No paper filters!
The VDF uses centrifugal force and gravity to filter sludge out of the coolant.
Maintenance free!
The VDF doesn't need regular maintenance, reducing downtime and losses.
Reduced coolant replacement and disposal
Filtering the coolant means less coolant needs to be replaced, saving money.
Click on the video link for a demonstration of the VDF's filtration!
Three VDF Setups Available
At Nikuni, we specialize in industrial pumps and filtrations systems that save our clients time and money.

The simple yet effective operation of the VDF unit offers coolant longevity by simplifying the coolant filtration process, cleaning the coolant while concentrating fines for easy disposal.
Filter your coolant and save money!
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