Autumn at Corroventa!

The Autumn does not only mean lit candles and warmer clothes, it is also the beginning of the period of radon measurements in residences. Corroventa has delivered radon extractors RS100 to a project in Linköping, Sweden. 

Corroventa has also helped getting the season started for the ice hockey club Hasle-Løren in Norway by dehumidifying their home arena Løren Ishall. The humidity in the arena was too high to start the games of the season. Scroll down to read more about these projects. 

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Dehumidfication of ice hockey arena in Oslo

Løren ishall Oslo, Norway

After a warm and somewhat wet Summer, the Ice hockey club Hasle-Løren In Norway had a bad start of the season. The ice in the arena had risen 15 cm on one side that led to rims getting crooked. The high humidity in the arena had also led to black mold ingestion on walls and other wooden installations. Corroventa's mobile adsorption dehumidifier A50 TD2 got the difficult and demanding task of dehumidifying the arena. Read more »

Successful actions against increased radon levels

Case: LR-Konsult & Installation

The limit for radon in living environments, public venues and workplaces in Sweden is 200 Bq/m3. In order to identify and remdiate all residences with higher levels of radon, measurements need to be made in all houses. 

Corroventa has delivered radon extractors RS 100 to LR-Konsult & Installation AB to fix the increased radon levels that has been measured out in the ground floor apartments of the housing association Brf Trumspelaren. Read more »

The course material used at Corroventa Academy is in nominated to the Swedish Publishing prize!

We are proud to announce that the technical hand book used at Corroventa Academy seminars is nominated to the Swedish Publishing prize. All participants attending Corroventa Academy get a copy of the technical hand book. Read more about Corroventa Academy »

Crash course: Moisture theory

An Introduction to the term Relative Humidity

Most people are aware that air contains moisture but what does relative humidity really mean?
We start by stating what we know about water:

  • Water has its’ highest density at 4 °C
  • There are three forms of water; solid, liquid and gas
  • Water is mostly in the form of gas in the air despite temperature – this is called water vapour

What does relative humidity mean and what importance does it have on different climates and material? The term relative humidity (RH) is defined as:

The amount of water vapour in the air
in relation to maximum amount of water vapour
at a certain temperature.

Read the full article »

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