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Behind the Scenes Secret - When NOT to Negotiate a Job Offer

I think every job offer that crosses your desk needs to be evaluated closely.  But I do not think that every job offer needs to be negotiated.  And there are some times when asking for more turns a great situation sour, often resulting in someone not taking or getting a job.  

It is common when dealing with an agency recruiter for you to be told the salary, bonus, vacation, etc.  And chances are before they submit your resume to a client, they want you to commit to some numbers so that no one is surprised once an offer comes in. 

It is a little less common, but the same could be done with a corporate recruiter where they ask for your salary expectations, give you theirs and get your commitment to a number.  Again, in these situations no one wants any surprises.

So if an offer comes in and everything matches what you have already agreed to, then DO NOT counter offer.  It does not leave a good impression and in my experience very rarely works out well.  In some cases they revoke the offer as they feel that you perhaps lied to them or strung them along with your commitment.

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Getting a job offer can be so exciting that sometimes we forget to take the time to review it!  There are plenty of times when you should negotiate an offer and this article tells you what you could ask for and how to go about getting your worth. 
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