Stand up for public health leadership today

Public health leaders are under attack. Over the past few months, dozens of state and local health officials have been harassed, threatened with violence, and subjected to political pressure to reverse public health orders so that the country can return to “business as usual.”  Some have been terminated. Others have resigned. We urge you to stand up now in support of the public health leaders who are working tirelessly to improve health, safety, wellbeing, and health equity throughout our country.
The efforts to bully and sideline public health officials must stop. We are in the midst of a deadly pandemic, and in order to respond to and recover from it, we must have a robust public health system that rewards—rather than sanctions—strong, honest public health leadership and expertise.
Public health leaders are charged with marshalling the best available evidence to mitigate the impacts of a pandemic and implement policies and programs that address the root causes of health injustices such as the structural inequities by race, place, and socioeconomic status that have been exposed by the COVID-19 crisis. That’s why we need to work with them to forge a path that protects the health of the public, allows for a safe re-opening of the economy, and responds to the public outcry for racial justice.
More than ever, our lives depend on being able to trust guidance from public health leaders and departments. When we silence or threaten those charged with safeguarding the public’s health, we undermine our ability to keep communities as healthy as possible.
Please take action today!

  • Speak out at your local city council, commission, board of health, or board of supervisors meeting. In many cities, these meetings are being held virtually, and you can testify by Zoom or over the phone. Urge officials to defend public health leaders from attacks and fully fund public health efforts to mount an effective response to COVID-19, address systemic racism as a public health issue, and advance community safety using a community-driven, public health approach.
  • Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper or call in to local radio shows. Denounce attacks on public health leaders and give examples of how they keep your local community safe and healthy. For ideas, see
  • Share this action alert with your networks. Forward it far and wide and post it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.
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