BACKLASH from 5 Barrington Rabbis 
Letters to the editor, Barrington Times

Who speaks for the Jewish community?

In response to the Feb 5 letter,Coalition does not speak for Jewish community”:

RI Coalition for Israel ( is an organization of pro-Israel Christians and Jews. It does not claim to speak for the entire Jewish community. There is an unfortunate divide in the Jewish community which mirrors the national scene.

RICI fully supports the Black community and condemns racism. However, RICI cannot support the BLM Movement as it is constituted because its leadership and charter clearly articulate anti-Semitic positions. We have seen protest in our own capital city with anti-Semitic chants. RICI believes that anti-Semitism has no place in the anti-racism movement

By speaking out at the Feb. 1 public hearing, many Jewish residents of Barrington joined RICI’s request for the BLM Movement flag to be removed from the town/veterans flagpole. Undeniably RICI speaks for at least some in the Barrington Jewish community on this issue.

Delegitimizing our interfaith organization which is deeply rooted in traditional Judeo-Christian values does not resolve the problem posed by flying a movement flag that is offensive, or even threatening, to a minority in the community.

Famed liberal lawyer Alan Dershowitz has written, "...we must not become complicit in the promotion of antisemitism just because we agree with the rest of the Black Lives Matter program…To give Black Lives Matter a pass on its anti-Jewish bigotry would be to engage in racism. Black antisemitism is as inexcusable as white antisemitism or white racism. There can be no double standard when it comes to bigotry."

Howard Brown
Executive Director
RI Coalition for Israel

Did you miss our report on the Feb 1 Barrington public hearing on the Black Lives Matter flag? Read it here.

Is the BLM movement anti-Semitic?
NATIONAL BLM LEADER: "Dismantle the Zionist Project".
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Anti-Semitism is seeping into the United States via college campuses, politics, and the internet. It is evident in both the far-left and far-right political movements that hatred towards Jews is on the rise. The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem has put together a new resource to help the Christian community better understand anti-Semitism and how to stop it.

The booklet is available to download for free and we encourage everyone to get themselves a copy and share it with people in their network.
Click here to view/download.
WATCHHow can Anti-Zionism be Anti-Semitism? 

A 5-minute animation by Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks
Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations (United Kingdom) 1991-2013

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