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August 20, 2020

Is the Palestinian Veto Alive or Dead?

  • Caroline Glick
  • 08/21/2020

Since Israel was established, the Palestinian veto doomed all efforts to forge peace between the Arab world and the Jewish state.

The Palestinian veto rests on a toxic proposition that Israel’s right to exist is contingent on its satisfaction of Palestinian claims against it. So long as the Palestinians say they are unappeased, Israel cannot expect the Arab world to either recognize or live at peace with it.

The very existence of the veto has ensured that the Palestinians will never be satisfied with any Israeli concession and will never agree to peaceful coexistence with the Jewish state. After all, their global and regional importance is a product of the veto. The Arabs, and much of the rest of the world support the Palestinians because they wield the veto. As holders of the veto, the Palestinians are viewed as the key — or the key obstacle — to Middle East peace. If they give up, or lose the veto, they will lose their position and power to enable or block peace and foment war and instability. Read entire article.

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UPDATE: the fight to force Facebook to do more about antiSemitism
  1. The letter, now signed by 145 global organizations, was translated into three additional languages and the follow-up social media campaigns (#AdoptIHRA, #DefineItToFightIt) have reached close to 10M people by now.  
  2. Our call to action campaign was picked up and given a public stage by over 150 outlets, among them: EU ReporterJPostThe Jewish JournalAlgemeiner  
  3. As you probably know, we received a response from COO Sheryl Sandberg. Sandberg praised the definition, saying in some ways Facebook’s Terms of Service go even further. However, she stopped short of adopting the definition.  
  4. Soon, a report compiling hundreds of active antisemitic Facebook’s posts will be generated and will be sent out to the Facebook’s board of directors. We need to continue to intensify our campaign until Facebook fully adopts the definition.    
 Our large and focused coalition made a difference. With a unified voice we can make a huge impact!
INTERVIEW: the radical evolution of the black cause from a wise man who wanted peace and condemned all forms of racism, including anti-Semitism, such as Martin Luther King, to that of the most radical heirs of Malcolm X and the Nation of Islam. WHY?
Read it here.



Anti-Semitism is seeping into the United States via college campuses, politics, and the internet. It is evident in both the far-left and far-right political movements that hatred towards Jews is on the rise. The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem has put together a new resource to help the Christian community better understand anti-Semitism and how to stop it.

The booklet is available to download for free and we encourage everyone to get themselves a copy and share it with people in their network.
Click here to view/download.
WATCHHow can Anti-Zionism be Anti-Semitism? 

A 5-minute animation by Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks
Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations (United Kingdom) 1991-2013

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