Barrington Town Flagpole Fight Continues

The Barrington United Veterans Council no longer wants the veterans memorial to be located near the flagpole outside Barrington Town Hall.

Members of the Barrington United Veterans Council stated in one of the emails that the memorial needs to be moved to “restore and protect the memorial’s dignity.”

Town manager: "No Comment". Read article.

RICI's Comment: It is unfortunate that the Barrington Town Council declined to adopt the Warren Town Council's flag ordinance as it was urged to by the UVC, the RI Coalition for Israel, and many individuals who testified at the Feb. 1 public hearing. As was pointed out at the time, their insistence on allowing "cause" flags, such as the flag of the anti-Semitic Black Lives Matter movement which flew on the town flagpole for six months, was a "slippery slope" and would increase divisiveness in the town. And so it has.
Read: A resident's letter to the editor

A New Zionist Congress Is Born

Defiant Jewish undergraduates are forming their own national organization dedicated to combating anti-Semitism and promoting Jewish pride. 

"This is a terrific development. Between 25-40% of American Jews are willing to stand up and be counted. That's well over a million. This initiative is a critical step towards helping the younger Jews among them to embrace their Judaism and persevere into adulthood.

"Aside from the ZOA {Zionists Organization of America], the old establishment Jewish organizations in the US are all broken. They cannot be fixed. They need to be ignored and abandoned and replaced by organizations that can face the obstacles head on and surmount them. This is the only way that Judaism will survive in Woke America." - Caroline Glick on Facebook  Read article.

ZOA Demands Recall of Obama’s “A Promised Land” – Citing Numerous Anti-Israel "Errors"

Whatever happened to "fact-checkers"?
"To remedy the damage, we urge you to recall the books that have been printed so that the errors and material omissions are corrected.  At a minimum, the necessary corrections should be made to the digital version and in future print editions.  Furthermore, because this book is the first of two volumes, we urge you to include a chapter correcting volume one’s falsehoods and deficiencies at the beginning of volume two." Read article.

When Cultural Appropriation and Historical Revisionism Are Acts of War

Caroline Glick    03/19/2021

“With the two-state solution,” Zaki said, “Israel will collapse, because if they get out of Jerusalem, what will become of all the talk about the Promised Land and the Chosen People? What will become of all the sacrifices they made—just to be told to leave? They consider Jerusalem to have a spiritual status. The Jews consider Judea and Samaria to be their historic dream. If the Jews leave those places, the Zionist idea will begin to collapse. It will regress of its own accord. Then we will move forward.”

In other words, the purpose of the Palestinian war against, and appropriation of, Jewish history in the Land of Israel is to set the conditions for Israel’s ultimate physical destruction. Where better to strike than the site where, in Moses’s words, the Jews became “the nation of the Lord your God?” Read article.

WATCH: Recorded APT webinar, “The Failure of Jewish Leadership: ‘Where’s the ADL?’”, with Jonathan Tobin and William Jacobson



Anti-Semitism is seeping into the United States via college campuses, politics, and the internet. It is evident in both the far-left and far-right political movements that hatred towards Jews is on the rise. The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem has put together a new resource to help the Christian community better understand anti-Semitism and how to stop it.

The booklet is available to download for free and we encourage everyone to get themselves a copy and share it with people in their network.
Click here to view/download.
WATCHHow can Anti-Zionism be Anti-Semitism? 

A 5-minute animation by Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks
Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations (United Kingdom) 1991-2013

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