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Winter is finally here! That is exciting. But everything comes with a cost, and the cost for us this weekend was postponing our events Saturday and Sunday. Here's how those played out:
  • Karen M. McManus in conversation with Sara Farizan about Karen's new book, Two Can Keep a Secret
    • Was: Sat., Jan. 19, 5 pm
    • Now is: Sat., Mar. 16, 5 pm
  • Sarah Brannen Book Launch Party for Bear Needs Help
    • Was: Sun., Jan. 20, 3 pm
    • Now is: Mon., Jan. 21, 3 pm
These things happen. Our event with Karen and Sara is now back on the horizon, which is a bit deflating, but we're still very much looking forward to it. Two Can Keep a Secret landed on the New York Times bestseller list right away, and she now has two books on the list simultaneously, which is quite a feat!

Sarah's launch is just getting pushed one day, at least for now. It seems as though the storm should conclude on Sunday, and we'll remain hopeful that it will.

Bear Needs Help is long on illustrations and short on text. Just 30, in fact. But 30 is all the story needs. Its illustrations are gorgeous, and tell a great deal of the story, making it less necessary to fill the page with words. The story, about a polar bear who needs help getting his shoes untied so he can go for a swim, works on a couple of levels.

First, it is about helping someone in need who you wouldn't normally look to help. But there's also a valuable lesson there about self reliance that should be helpful to little ones who are just learning to do things by themselves.

Sarah, who lives nearby in Sudbury, is both an author and illustrator, and this is the fourth book she has written, following Uncle Bobby's Wedding, Madame Martine and Madame Martine Breaks the Rules. She has also illustrated a number of other books, including store favorite Feathers, which she wrote with Acton's own Melissa Stewart, and the soon-to-be released Seashells, which is also something she collaborated on with Melissa.

In the grand scheme of things, one day isn't a big deal, and we remain super excited to do our very small part to help bring Bear Needs Help into the world. Join us Monday afternoon!
A Whirlwind Romance Pop-Up Bookstore
Feb. 12-18, at Bow Market, in the heart of Union Square in Somerville

A couple of months ago, my friend and independent bookselling industry compatriot Clarissa Murphy posted on social media that she'd love to open up a pop-up store to sell just romance books. I thought this was a great idea, so we're doing it. We are having a ton of fun with A Whirlwind Romance, which is what we've named it. The location is great, the books are going to be great, and the timing is great, as we'll have it open over both Valentine's Day and President's Day weekend.

We'll have hundreds of romance titles, including contemporary, historical, LGBTQIA+, regency, fantasy, western, urban, paranormal, mystery, young adult, graphic novels, and romantic comedy, plus love-themed gifts and children's books. There are a lot of subgenres in romance, and we're aiming to stock books for as many of them as we can cram into the space. We've talked to a couple of writers about doing signings at the pop-up as well, we'll have formal announcements on that soon, hopefully.

Finally, we'll have a photo booth set up where people can use props to create their own romance novel cover. And we'll memorialize it for you with a Polaroid!

It's going to be a lot of fun, and we hope that if you have some free time, you'll find your way out to Bow Market and visit us at the pop-up!!!

January 21
3 pm
Book Launch Party: Sarah Brannen's Bear Needs Help

January 26
11 am
Saturday Morning Story Time: Brian Lies

February 2
 11 am
Saturday Morning Story Time: The Writer's Loft

February 9
 11 am
Saturday Morning Story Time: Luke Reynolds & Jeff Mack

February 12 -
February 18

A Whirlwind Romance
Pop-Up Bookstore

February 16
11 am
Saturday Morning Story Time: Alison Goldberg

February 17
2 pm
Double Book Launch Party: Jen Petro-Roy, Good Enough & You Are Enough

March 3
2 pm

Author Event: Julie Dobrow, After Emily

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