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No. 1  |  November 2017
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The MAKEEN Energy newsletter will cover stories from MAKEEN Energy, Kosan Crisplant, Siraga, KC LNG, KC ProSupply and MAKEEN Power/Sadelmi Power.

Introducing the new
MAKEEN Energy newsletter

Notice anything different? Kosan Crisplant's newsletter, Kos@news, has received a considerable makeover. In the process, we have rebranded the newsletter to be a MAKEEN Energy newsletter. This means that in the future, you can see stories from all of MAKEEN Energy's activities: the LPG related business of Kosan Crisplant and Siraga, the LNG related business of KC LNG, the power generation side from MAKEEN Power and Sadelmi, as well as the equipment and component trading division of KC ProSupply.

We are excited to have come this far that we are able to take such a new step in the integration of our companies under the MAKEEN Energy umbrella, and we look forward to showing you many more stories from our world of energy.

To illustrate our continuing commitment to our long-term customers and partners, we have decided to dedicate this newsletter to the value of long, trusting relations. We want to show the great things that can happen when professionalism and quality are combined with mutual trust, understanding and cooperation.

The name may be new, but MAKEEN Energy's companies are still governed by the same values as always: We don't leave anyone behind. We understand and help our customers. We are passionately involved. We are proactive, we take ownership, and we believe in sharing our knowledge to make others good. Finally, we speak our minds and encourage others to do the same. As our customer and partner, you will find that all our products and services under MAKEEN Energy are just as good as before - or better.

What you should expect from this transition is access to an even greater pool of knowledge and expertise, resulting from the combination of three powerful players in the LPG, LNG and power markets.

All companies will still carry on as individual entities, with the same names and products, but now as part of a world-leading union dedicated to providing expert energy solutions across the globe. In the future, all products manufactured by MAKEEN Energy companies will carry a MAKEEN Energy label.

Best regards,
Anders C. Anderson
Managing Director of MAKEEN Energy

What is MAKEEN Energy?

Following the acquisition of Siraga, Sadelmi Power and Kosan Crisplant by the Saudi Al-Ayuni Group for Investment & Construction (AAIC), MAKEEN Energy was established in 2015 as an umbrella organisation to spearhead this new, powerful energy coalition. 

MAKEEN Energy is dedicated to providing access to safe, clean and affordable energy to people, businesses and societies everywhere. Safety, quality, sustainability and environmental consciousness are integral principles that define our strategies and practices.

KC ProSupply now has its own website

KC ProSupply, our trading division that deals in gas equipment and components, recently launched its own independent website. In the future, this will allow easier access to information about KC ProSupply's products, services and entities.
See the new website here

In it for the long haul

When new projects arise or complications rear their ugly head, it is helpful to have a partner you know and trust. Siraga treasures its long term relationships with customers such as Antargaz Finagaz in France or LP Gas in Bangladesh.
See what many years of cooperation can bring

Decades of mutual success

Kosan Crisplant is proud to have had long, fruitful ties with many customers around the globe. YPFB and Drachen-Propangas are two such customers.
Read this tribute to Kosan Crisplant's long-term customers
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