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No. 3  |  February 2018
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5 benefits of container filling

Putting all your LPG filling equipment inside a box may look strange to some people, but containerized filling plants are a great solution in many cases where the emphasis is on affordability and efficiency. In fact, container solutions offer an array of advantages that standard filling plants do not.
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The hands-off approach

What started as a relatively unremarkable container solution in Portugal has evolved over time into something unique for Kosan Crisplant: a containerized filling plant that runs almost completely automatically.
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A box of great beginnings

SANOL needed an economical and fast way to enter the Togolese LPG market. Siraga's brand of container solutions, Konten'eR, proved to be just the thing to meet their demands.
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Good things come in small packages

Three tiny filling plants, each one fitted in its own little container, turned out to be the right solution for Enacol in Cape Verde, where the logistics for LPG distribution is often complicated.
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