The Trans Community on Sex Education

To begin our focus on trans sex education, we asked the community where they go to for their sex ed; who they listen to, read and follow. These were your top tips:

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Sex and Consent

Sex and intimacy can be difficult subjects to talk about as the range of experiences is so broad, regardless of whether you are trans or cis. Complicated feelings about how we view our own bodies can hinder how we feel about ourselves, our attractiveness and our desire for intimacy.

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Trans Youth and Sex

When it comes to sex, it doesn’t matter if you are trans or cis there is one rule that applies to everyone: Only do what makes you and your partner feel comfortable.

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Getting to know myself intimately - first person account

I love talking, and sex happens to be my favorite topic, so when GenderGP asked me to share my first hand experiences of getting to know my body post-operatively, I couldn’t resist.

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Sex after bottom surgery - first person account

When I look back now to pre-transition sex, it all makes a lot more sense than it seemed to at the time. I didn't overthink it in my twenties, but I was aware I felt that something was fundamentally wrong, usually by the time I had reclined to a post-coital position.

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Let’s talk about (Trans) sex

In this special edition of the podcast, Dr Helen and Marianne tackle some questions coming in from the community about sex.

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Queer Sex with Juno Roche

In this episode from our archive, Juno Roche talks about her own experiences and what led her to write her first book: Queer Sex.

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Our survey said!

In last month’s newsletter we asked loved ones for insights about the impact which waiting times were having on their young person. The response was overwhelming, 100% of those who participated stated that NHS waits had had a detrimental impact on the mental wellbeing of their young person.

This month we want to know…

If you were re-writing the rule book on sex education for trans people, what advice would you give?

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Write for GenderGP

We are always looking for engaging content to feature on our blog. If you are a writer and you would like to share your personal experiences with the GenderGP community why not write for us? We are particularly interested in hearing from trans and non binary people, healthcare professionals supporting trans people, researchers and parents of trans children. Tell us what you would like to write about
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Share your experiences

If you have faced challenges accessing help via your healthcare provider and GenderGP has provided essential interim care, why not share your experiences with the wider transgender community via channels such as Trustpilot and Google Reviews - this will help more people to find us and ensure they get the help they need!

Marianne Update September

In my younger days, sex was a subject I could have spoken about for hours but in my older years I find it much harder. Why then and not now, you ask?


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Leo Update September

Sex education is something everyone finds a bit awkward at school. There’s always a lot of giggles in classroom when the words are even mentioned; which is to be expected I guess when sex itself is generally thought of as a bit of a taboo topic, especially if it’s your teacher talking about it!


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