It’s not all bad news!

The anti trans rhetoric which we see so often in the media, is often beautifully balanced by those voices who stand with us, sticking to the facts and helping us to remind the world that we won’t give up on the trans community. Pink News ran this article from our Head of Patient Services, Adi Daly-Gourdialsing, which sums it up perfectly:

Media attacks just cost thousands of trans people failed by the NHS access to healthcare. But we will never desert those in need.

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Trans Sex education

In our last newsletter we asked the GenderGP community for your input for our Sex Education special. We had some incredible feedback which we have collated in this blog post:
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This month we want to know…

If your access to gender affirming care was suddenly stopped, what would that mean for you? Please share any thoughts you may have that you are happy for us to publish - anonymous is fine! Submit them to our team via the following form.

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Support trans healthcare

Recent events have highlighted how precarious the provision of healthcare is for trans people in the UK. We have been inundated with messages of support from current and previous patients as well as cis allies asking for ways they can help. Read our blog to see how you can help.

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The impact of the updated GMC guidances on trans healthcare

It is recognised that consent, information sharing and joint decision making are key components of the doctor-patient relationship. Read all about how the updated GMC guidance will impact trans healthcare.

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Safeguarding trans youth

When it comes to transgender healthcare, time and time again we see the concept of “safeguarding” used to help patients, but we also see it used in an attempt to restrict their options. Read our blog post in full.

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Why pronouns are so important

There is no denying that pronouns are a hot topic at the moment. There’s even an International Pronouns Day. So what’s the big deal and why is everyone talking about them all of a sudden?

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Your stories:


Regular guest blogger, Sammi Smith, shared her update one year on: “I have now been on hormones for a year so I wanted to take this opportunity to share some of the highs and lows of the past 12 months.”

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I was born in 1952, when food rationing was still in existence. I lived with my parents, together with my older sister in an old, cold, four-roomed cottage, deep in the English countryside.

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Trans women in sport

In this episode of the GenderGP podcast we hear from olympian, Kirsti Miller, who joins Dr Helen and Marianne to discuss the role of trans women in sport. Together they discuss the role of hormones in sport, how the rules are no longer fit for purpose and how sport can – and must – change to become all inclusive.

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How Christianity can embrace diversity

Jason Masters is a Christian and an LGBT advocate. In this episode of the GenderGP podcast, he talks candidly to Dr Helen and Marianne about his own experiences as a young gay man and the negative impact which rejecting his sexuality had on his mental health.

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Write for GenderGP

We are always looking for engaging content to feature on our blog. If you are a writer and you would like to share your personal experiences with the GenderGP community why not write for us? We are particularly interested in hearing from trans and non binary people, healthcare professionals supporting trans people, researchers and parents of trans children. Tell us what you would like to write about
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Share your experiences

If you have faced challenges accessing help via your healthcare provider and GenderGP has provided essential interim care, why not share your experiences with the wider transgender community via channels such as Trustpilot and Google Reviews - this will help more people to find us and ensure they get the help they need!

I have been reflecting on events recently, the GRA, the court case against the Tavistock (still awaiting an outcome at the time of writing) the media attacks and the damage this causes. Yet, despite all of this, as my grandparents used to say, we have never had it so good, in fact I would go one step further and say, there has never been a better time to be transgender.


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Since before I came out as trans, things were hard. Before I knew how to put it into words, I had a feeling there was going to be something in my life I would struggle with. My childhood was confusing and frustrating, both before and after I knew how I felt about my gender.


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