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In 2016, The Women and Equalities Commission recommended making it easier for trans patients to access regulated hormone therapy via their GP.

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Conversion therapy must stop!

In this blog post, Dr Helen Webberley explores Conversion Therapy in all its forms - from the most obvious, to the more insidious, all of which, she argues, add up to the same thing.

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Things trans people are told by their doctor to persuade them not to transition

We put a shout out to the community inviting them to share their stories. This blog post captures their responses which can make for uncomfortable reading.

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The real bathroom debate

With the debate around the use of public restrooms picking up again on social media, we spoke to Dr Helen Webberley about the physical impact that it can have when a trans person decides they would rather ‘hold it in’.

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How do I know my child isn’t just going through a trans “phase”?

As the mum of a trans child, activist, Taryn De Vere, is often presented with this common argument. Here she explores why this demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of what it means to be trans.

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Accepting your child for who they are

A recent article in Metro got Dr Helen thinking about the importance of accepting your child for who they are. In this article she shares her views.

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Why it is incumbent on doctors to offer affirmative care to trans patients

GenderGP’s Dr Yasmeen shares her insight and experiences of treating trans patients since joining the organisation, as well as her take on why gender affirmative care is the only way forward for the community.

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The Vital Role of Affirmation for Trans People

Guest blogger, Sammy Smith, shares her views on the importance of affirmation and how the need persists even as we grow into adulthood - especially for members of the trans community.

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FTM Packers for the 21st Century

Reelmagik began life by offering film quality, special effects prosthetics and Halloween masks to the general public. When a friend approached the company with a very special assignment, it would steer them in an altogether new direction.

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Speak to a member of our Pathway Team

While our Help Centre is set up to answer all of your questions and queries, we understand that sometimes you need to speak to a human being. Book a phone appointment with a member of our Pathway Team. The service will run for a limited period and will be expanded, based on how it is received by our community. To book your £25 session with Katie or Anais, click on this link:

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Marianne update - July 2020

It’s been a double celebration this month, it was my birthday and my two year anniversary on HRT! Milestones such as this are the perfect opportunity to reflect, not only on how far I have come on my own journey, but how far we, as a community, have come in terms of achieving acceptance and understanding in the world.


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