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August 14, 2019

Mental Health and Children's Rights 

Mental health is named by young people as a high priority for improvement in Canada. Implementing children's rights in general contributes to healthy conditions for growing up.  During the last review of children's rights, Canada also received specific recommendations relating to children's mental health. 

Mental Heath and Children's Rights:  A Fact Sheet gives a brief overview of issues in Canada, how Canada responded to previous recommendations, and three priorities for action before the end of the current review. 

Mental Health and Children's Rights:  A Working Paper provides analysis of relevant provisions in the Convention, links to useful research reports since the last review, and suggestions for federal and provincial policies.    

This is the fifth in a series of Fact Sheets and Working Papers on different aspects of children's rights for the current review process.  The fact sheets are designed for public education.  The fact sheets and working papers are posted on the CCRC website to be an on-going resource for the review process.  We welcome suggestions to add to the series. 

                    Children and the Federal Election

10 Steps for Children were suggested to all party leaders in a letter from the CCRC.  We hope these will be included in party platforms for the election.   The CCRC is encouraging supporters of children's rights to ask questions of local candidates about any of these children's policies. Check out these suggested questions.   


  Age of Voting and Children's Rights 

Proposals to change the minimum age for voting from 18 to 16 are gaining momentum in Canada. The CCRC is discussing ways to advance consideration of this issue with other organizations.  The age of voting is just one of many age-based policies in Canada that should be reviewed in light of children's rights.  In 2009 the CCRC proposed that all age-based policies be reviewed, using the principles in the Convention.

Age-based Policies: A Discussion Starter identifies relevant principles in children's rights and questions to ask about the use of minimum ages or ages of eligibility in public policy.  Related international research is also posted on the CCRC website. 

Watch for further information on the age of voting. If you know of any youth groups interested in this issue, please contact Kathy Vandergrift, at info@rightsofchildren, to be included in further initiatives on this issue this fall.    

   30 Years of Work for Children's Rights

30 years is a point to reflect on progress made and look ahead.  What have we learned in our work for children's rights?  What comes next?  The CCRC invites you to mark 30 years of work for children's rights in two ways:

1.  Share a reflection from your experience and/or hopes for the next stage of this work
We will be sharing personal reflections in our newsletter and on our website during the fall season. This is a free-thinking exchange - not official positions.  We welcome thought-provoking reflections, fresh ideas, "out-of-the-box" thoughts. If you could rewrite the Convention, what would you put at the top? How can we better overcome resistance in Canada? Are we missing opportunities for progress? What has changed?  If you would like to contribute or discuss this further, contact Kathy Vandergrift through or 

2.  A new vision for the CCRC
What should be the focus of our collective work?  What kind of organization do we need in Canada to advance children's rights most effectively?  Kate Butler is leading a strategic planning initiative to explore and define some options for the next stage of work. These will be presented for further discussion by members and the board through 2019, to chart a wise path forward.  If you could help by serving on the strategic planning committee or you have ideas to share, please contact Kate Butler at or through 
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