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July 24, 2019

Children's Rights: Preventing Youth Homelessness

Canada can do more to prevent youth homelessness.  A main finding of research with youth on the street is that interventions are often too late, after a crisis, instead of responding earlier to known factors that contribute to youth homelessness. Many of those factors relate to children's rights. Paying more attention to children's rights would help young people, community services, and all levels of government who struggle to deal with growing rates of youth homelessness. 

A Way Home, an organization that focuses on youth homelessness, and the CCRC collaborated to highlight the links between children's rights and preventing youth homelessness. This is timely because the new national housing strategy recognizes rights-based approaches and the review of children's rights requires a response to earlier recommendations on street children and youth homelessness.  Three research reports, prepared by A Way Home, provide evidence for the Fact Sheet and show the links with other children's rights. They are posted on the CCRC website with permission. This is the fourth in a series of fact sheets related to the current review of children's rights in Canada. The CCRC is inviting other groups to share their work in specific areas of children's rights.   Fact Sheets and research documents on a common website are building a "go-to" resource site for use in promoting children's rights and the benefits of implementation in Canada. 


Children's Rights in Quebec:
Present, Potential, and Actions 

Interested in children's rights in Quebec?  Plan to attend a gathering in Montreal on September 12-13 to learn about issues in Quebec and work with other people who are interested in the implementation of  children's rights in Quebec and Canada.  The event is being organized by a group of children's rights supporters in Quebec, with support through McGill University and assistance from the CCRC. 

The first day will provide an overview through panel discussions; on the second day working groups will dig into various aspects of children's rights and discuss what actions can be taken to make progress in Quebec and in Canada. The outcomes will be used to contribute to the review of children's rights in Canada.

To register, fill out a form at Share this information with others. If you would like more information, send an enquiry to with the subject line: Enquiry - Child Rights Forum or contact the CCRC at 

The CCRC hopes groups in other provinces will also organize gatherings to consider how children's rights are being implemented in their context. We will work with you to plan for it and link your efforts to the on-going review process. Provincial and territorial governments are also duty-bearers under the Convention. The review is an opportunity to make progress for children in locations across Canada.  


         30 Years of Work for Children's Rights

30 years is a point to reflect on progress made and look ahead.  What have we learned in our work for children's rights?  What comes next?  The CCRC invites you to mark 30 years of work for children's rights in two ways:

1.  Share a reflection from your experience and/or hopes for the next stage of this work
We will be sharing personal reflections in our newsletter and on our website during the fall season. This is a free-thinking exchange - not official positions.  We welcome thought-provoking reflections, fresh ideas, "out-of-the-box" thoughts. If you could rewrite the Convention, what would you put at the top? How can we better overcome resistance in Canada? Are we missing opportunities for progress? What has changed?  If you would like to contribute or discuss this further, contact Kathy Vandergrift through or 

2.  A new vision for the CCRC
What should be the focus of our collective work?  What kind of organization do we need in Canada to advance children's rights most effectively?  Kate Butler is leading a strategic planning initiative to explore and define some options for the next stage of work. These will be presented for further discussion by members and the board through 2019, to chart a wise path forward.  If you could help by serving on the strategic planning committee or you have ideas to share, please contact Kate Butler at or through 
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