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JULY 2018

Hey there <<First Name>>! 
So exams are almost done and your Summer break is close enough to smell BBQ smoke. That means that, if you're in year 13, practical things like where you'll live next year are starting to get important. And if you're in year 12, you might be starting to think about more than just what you want to study at uni, like what you’ll do in your spare time.

Read on for; info on the jargon of higher education, job talk and  apprenticeships.

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The Push Team


If your plans don't involve uni visits and UCAS forms, there's still loads to do over the Summer to make yourself more employable.
If you don't have any work experience, it can be tough to get your first permanent job. But summer jobs, well, they're easier to get and then, ta-da, you've banked some experience and some cash for later... read more.

While university applications are on the rise (even with the huge rise in tuition fees), you might feel that higher education at a traditional university or college isn't the right experience for you at this stage in your life.
Many choose to study a degree later in life, or not at all, and you should never feel less than others just because you aren't choosing to go to university right now... read more.

Think you’ve missed the boat if you don’t head straight from college to uni? These days, that can’t be any further from the case. The stereotypical student may be late teens, early 20s, but the world of higher education is opening up more and more to mature students from all ages. 

Don’t believe us? Have a look at this incredible article from the BBC.
The article follows Law students at the University of West London, Maureen Matthews (79) and Craig Surujballi (84)... read more.
For year 12s
With this year's exams behind you, you'll be pleased to know that uni isn't all about books, lectures and exams. We all know students get up to other stuff, right? And this other stuff is important when it comes to getting the most out of the whole university experience.

Different people have different ideas of fun, though - so when you're picking a uni take a look at what the local area offers. For example, if you're a party animal and like clubbing, Manchester, Leeds or even Glasgow attract people who like a night life full of music and a boogie... read more.
For year 13s
If you're heading to uni, in just about two months’ time, you'll be packing up your life to continue it somewhere else for the next three, four or more years.
The weeks between getting your results and starting term scoot by and unis start allocating their housing the moment the grades are out. There are four basic housing choices for students – living at home, living in, living out or private halls.

​Living at home means staying wherever you were before you started your course - usually with your parents. It can be cheaper (although you are entitled to a bit less funding and travel can sometimes be just as expensive as rent), but the fridge magically refills with food and if you're lucky, your dirty clothes even clean themselves... read more.
Push titbits of news and advice on heading to uniapprenticeshipsschool leaver schemes, and the world of work

We’re an addicted generation, we know. Where would we be without Scottish Twitter, or Facebook’s Love Island memes? Doesn’t bear thinking about.
Even so, social media and the devices we access it through aren’t always good for us. For one, they may be harming the quality of our sleep. The cold, blue light that smartphones, tablets and laptops emit is conducive to keeping the brain engaged and awake, so scrolling for an hour before bed to wind down might not be such a good idea... read more.

Do you know your bops from your balls? Or your CATS from your CUKAS?

Heading into the world of higher education can be like learning a new language – there's more jargon than you can shake a soc at. ​That's why we've created this handy glossary of all the weird and wonderful terms academics like to use. Let Push be your guide.

You'll need us. Honestly, it's a jungle out there... read more.

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