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 MARCH 2020

Hey there <<First Name>>! 

In an odd start to the new year you're hopefully washing your hands and keeping yourself safe from the Virus sweeping across the globe.

We're serious. Keep safe out there.

It seems like only yesterday we were welcoming you back to school and wishing you a Happy New Year, but here we are, weeks away from Easter.

But just before we let you run riot and commit yourself to a self-induced chocolate coma, have a look below to make sure you've covered everything you need to for the month.

You can even reward yourself with extra chocolate if you have to..

If you can’t wait for the next newsletter why not check out our archives here. We'll see you soon. 
The Push Team


Worried about all the fake news and conflicting information when it comes to Covid-19? (Yes, we always sing it to the tune of Come On Eileen, too.) Us lot at Push are no doctors or virology experts, but we can remind you of a few fundamental things…read more.

If you’re looking to move out anytime soon, chances are you’re going to be moving in with others. And that can be brilliant. Living with your best mates, having people around to keep you company and help you out, and splitting the bills is always nice.

But what if things go a little awry, and it’s not quite the perfect Friends-esque flatmate dream? more.

The government is proposing to create an Ofsted-style system that ranks universities on the amount their graduates earn according to the Guardian.

There has been some resistance to this idea from the education industry and rightly so. It creates a number of problems that could cause damage to particular courses (Arts and Humanities especially) that are in areas outside of more.
For year 12s
Location, location, location

Now is as good a time as any to start contemplating the path you are going to take come September 2020. Assuming you have already taken some time to weigh up your options and decided on uni, we hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that’s the easy bit over. If you, like many others, are considering university it can be a pretty daunting task figuring out which uni to go to.

A good way to start is figuring out your preferred location and what better time to start doing so if we're all self isolating. Although probably hold off on going to see the place for a few more.
For year 13s

By now, you're probably hearing from most – if not all – of the unis you applied to. If not, don’t worry, they're supposed to let you know by 31st March, but if you if you just can’t wait until then, it won't hurt to give them a call. You have to make sure you've responded by the 5th May if you have heard back from them all by the end of March so keep that in mind.

Now while we’re sure that you made an effort to go and see all 5 of your choices before applying, we also understand that sometimes life and viruses can get in the way and you might not have had time to go and see them all (err... or any of them).

We understand, these things more.
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Nowadays everyone is (or should be) a champion for diversity and inclusivity, but what does that really mean? According to digital tech source, Built In:

“Diversity refers to the traits and characteristics that make people unique, while inclusion refers to the behaviours and social normal that ensure people feel welcome.” 

One example of diversity is those of us who are differently abled, whether that’s a visible or invisible disability, and making sure that we feel included, represented and involved in society. But how can we do that? more.
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