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Hey there <<First Name>>! 

So here it is, merry Christmas! As we wave good riddance to 2019, we can look forward to a season of partying, a new year, and... perhaps even a UCAS application. Even if you don't fancy uni, or if you'll be applying next year, take some time out this month to put your feet up, much a mince pie and check in with yourself.

We've created a festive newsletter packed with ways you can start your plan, so don’t say we never get you anything nice for Christmas.

If you can’t wait for the next newsletter why not check out our archives here. We'll see you soon. 
The Push Team


Thankfully, we’re hearing more and more about mental health in our day to day lives. Whether that’s celebrities speaking up about their experiences or friends sharing their battles, charities fighting for funding or campaigns raising awareness, mental health is finally starting to get the airtime it deserves.

And we’re proud to be champions of mental health awareness and wellbeing – head to our Blog for content from mindfulness to social media detox to cyberbullying to the benefits of exercise.

But we know the world’s not perfect yet. Far from it. There are still lots of us who don’t feel able to speak up and get help when we’re struggling. And though statistically more women suffer with mental health problems than men, men are far less likely to seek out help until they reach crisis more.

As we barrel towards the end of the year, you might start hearing the ‘I’ word thrown around quite a bit. If you’ve applied for uni and your top choices are interested in taking your application further, you’ll probably have admissions interviews coming up sooner than you’d like.

Or maybe you’ve been applying for apprenticeship schemes or are starting to think about full time work. In which case interviews are pretty much a more.

In the news this week, the University of Leicester’s students have been praised for the success of their scheme to reduce waste associated with living in (and leaving) halls of residence. 

The British Heart Foundation’s ‘Pack for Good’ scheme was set up to encourage first years and accommodation leavers to donate their discarded and unwanted items at the end of the year rather than binning them, and it has saved a whopping 39 tonnes of stuff from more.
For year 12s

You've probably started thinking about your options after school already, even if by mistake, but soon your teachers are going to start pushing you for a plan. So when the family's getting on your wick over Christmas, what better excuse is there for finding some time, than that you want to get ahead of the game?

Even if you have no idea where to begin thinking about a career, start with that thing that makes you happy, whatever it is. Think about when you feel most fulfilled, what you think you're best at and what you enjoy the most. Whether that's helping people, being creative, problem solving, playing football or performing in front of large groups of people, having a starting place is sometimes half the more.
For year 13s
If you've decided you want to go to uni, then we're going to go ahead and assume you're feeling pretty smug and have already submitted your application. If you haven't, then you've got till the January 15th deadline and, don’t forget, your school has to add a reference too before you application is complete and they’ll need at leat a few days for that.

So between now and then, stop dreaming of a White Christmas and dream instead about where your chosen degree might take you.

Your application is how you make it happen. Check out the careers prospects from the course (they should be on the uni's website) more.
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We've all been there. 

You've got your exams coming up, you've got your coursework needing to get submitted. You sit down to work and before long you find yourself with your phone in your hand, scrolling through social media feeds or killing five minutes on the latest game, because five minutes isn't going to hurt right?

But five minutes every half an hour soon builds up.

Before you know it you're having to cram revision, rush your coursework and in turn become stressed and don't want to do the work. A vicious cycle if there ever was more.
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