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 OCT 2019

Hey there <<First Name>>! 

Here at Push we don't really like to use the 'D' word but here it is: DEADLINES.

You read right, tomorrow marks the cut–off point for Oxbridge, medicine, veterinary and dentistry applications.  But even if you don't plan on roaming the halls of Oxbridge with your stethoscope or artificial inseminator in tow, it’s still time to get serious about your application, as many other students are applying now.

Even if you're in Year 12, it's not too early to start looking at universities, or even putting together a budget. No one was ever turned down for being too keen. At least not by universities.

If you can’t wait for the next newsletter why not check out our archives here. We'll see you soon. 
The Push Team


You might have heard over the last month the stat that more than 50% of all young people are now heading off to uni, proving it’s as popular a future pathway choice as ever. No real surprise there.

And in lots of ways, that’s a great thing. It finally meets the government target set nearly 20 years ago. More young people are coming out of education with higher level qualifications like HNC/Ds and foundation, undergrad and postgrad degrees... read more.

Here at Push we’re always banging on about how great part-time work can be. And not just for the extra cash, but that’s a bonus all in itself. Bring on that wonga.

And there’s loads of other benefits, too.

Moving to a new area to study? You’ll meet loads of new people, make some new friends and being around locals is the best place to pick up insider info on all the best shopping and nightlife spots, best restaurants, top rated take aways, places to hit up and places to avoid. Pretty handy... read more

Diversity in companies is an extremely important issue in 2019, as I’m sure we can all agree. Companies are taking different methods to boost members of the BAME (Black, Asian & minority ethnic) community as well as trying to bridge the gender gaps in their workforces - to equip themselves for the 21st Century, and an ever-connected world of cultures.

One way employers are attempting to boost this is by setting no minimum entry grades for their graduate recruits. This strategy has more than doubled in the past 5 years going from 7% of ISE employers in 2014 to 22% in 2019. The amount of employers wanting a 2:1 degree has also dropped in this period from 67% to 57%... read more
For year 12s

So, you're settled into the swing of sixth form. In the not so distant future is Christmas and your next proper break. Sadly, that’s not all the future holds: the future’s creeping up on you like a scary clown. The difference is your future's not a goofy fourteen-year-old in Joker face paint.

No your future is very real but it doesn't have to be scary. As long as you start to think about just exactly what it is from your future, you can start planning now on how you can achieve that... read more.
For year 13s

The deadline for applications to Oxbridge, medicine, dentistry and veterinary science courses is October 15th, so, get a shift on if you’ve not got your application in already! If Oxbridge isn’t your bag you can check other upcoming deadlines or application requirements click here to click here to go to the UCAS website.

If you're feeling relieved your deadline isn’t for a while, then, sorry. That train is heading down the track like it’s jet powered... read more.
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Sport of some kind is almost always in the news, but it’s been a media frenzy this month. We’re talking Rugby World Cup, World Athletics Championships, World Gymnastics Championships, with names like Dina Asher Smith, Simone Biles and Katarina Johnson-Thompson sweeping the headlines.

So it’s no surprise that sport initiatives in schools are getting some serious attention.

Sport England have announced that children should be taught ‘physical literacy’ in the same way they’re taught to read and write to promote higher activity levels and increased fitness throughout life... read more
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