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There's a lot of confusion about what coaches do, especially since there are so many different types of coaches out there. I thought it might be helpful, and maybe even fun, to talk about what I do as a coach and why I chose to get into coaching in the first place. 

Who do I coach?
Anyone who wants to perform at their best, but especially those who want to succeed when the stakes are high or when there are challenges to overcome. Clients have ranged from high school students to new managers to presidents of organizations.

What areas do I coach in?
I use a coaching framework that is based on building mental toughness, resiliency, and positivity. I often work with clients on building self-awareness, defining success, structuring accountability to reward progress, mastering confidence, and harnessing the power of emotions.

How long do I coach clients? 
I typically coach clients for 3 to 6 months, which is the length of time I find gets the best results. The number of check-ins (weekly/bi-weekly/monthly) during this time depends on the desired pace and availability of the client. Some clients request frequent check-ins to keep on track with their goals; others want more time to reflect between coaching sessions. 

Where do coaching sessions take place?
Anywhere! Before social distancing, I would let clients decide the location. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, all coaching sessions were held virtually, but as restrictions start to lift, I have been asking clients to choose the location/setting that makes them feel most comfortable. 

Why do I coach?
To help my clients find perspective and accountability, and to help them improve their lives in the most efficient manner possible. When I worked with a coach myself, I benefited greatly from the perspective I gained from our exchanges. My coach helped me navigate the gap from where I was to where I wanted to be, and showed me the most direct path to get there. My coach's feedback helped me clarify my business goals, and the regular check-ins helped me recognize my progress, thereby improving the likelihood of my eventual success. 

There's so much to learn about coaching, and I love sharing my craft with others. If I missed a question that you'd like to have the answer to, drop me a line!

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