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A veterinarian in teal scrubs reflecting on a hard day with a stethoscope around her neck. A vet tech stands next to her and rests a hand of support on her back.

NOMV will transform the status of mental wellness within the profession so veterinary professionals can survive and thrive through education, resources, and support.

February 2022 Newsletter

NOMV’s List

We are pleased to introduce NOMV’s List, a recommendation-based resource for the veterinary community!

Just imagine, you meet a veterinary peer that recently relocated to your area. Do you have a list of well-known and trusted local resources that you could recommend to them? This is the goal for NOMV’s List!

If you work in the veterinary field, anywhere in the world, you are eligible to recommend resources to NOMV’s List. Please help us create this resource by compiling your recommendations and submit them for review. Submissions are anonymous. Your participation helps your peers and just might save a life.

Submit a Resource