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The LA Unlimited Tacos are your new Internet Series Champions! After recent Postseasons saw the Tacos get eaten on the biggest possible stage, Los Angeli’s bite-sized roster finally came through in the crunch, sweeping both WLCS and Internet Series to claim Los Angeli’s first championship! Despite losing Sexton Wheerer to a Magic plunder in Sunday’s Election, experts say the Tacos look primed for a second helping, having added the Untouchable Fish Summer to the menu and seasoned the squad with Acidic Blood. Will Season 18 still be Tuesday?

Do You Believe? 

After suffering massive losses in Season 16, the Yellowstone Magic had the ILB under their spell, putting together a dominant (and very As Above, So Below) record of 72-27 and securing a Mild League one-seed. Though the Postseason lacked the Magic’s Regular Season magic, a slew of roster moves (and Strange Attractions) appear to have Yellowstone cooking up another winning brew.


Teams installed Fax Machines and Hotel Motels in their Ballparks, allowing them to dial up some sweet Rotation Relief and offering Runs and Recreation during Holiday Innings.

Between the Lines

The Earlsiesta took a dramatic turn as an unwitting Baby Doyle found themself caught out of position and subsequently Entangled, while Orville Manco was Forced under watchful eye. This prompted harsh words from League Historian Lōotcrates, who accused the Reader of inserting themself into the text and plagiarizing other sources.


Collector’s Additions

The MVP race Forged the first Legends of the Expansion Era, as all-stars York Silk and Nagomi Mcdaniel found themselves Vaulted, Preserved in perpetuity in order to be shared with Fans everywhere.

Prime Destinations

Lōotcrates’ generosity now seems to have extended to Politics. The Season 17 Election saw Blaseball expand into new territories, offering access to three, curated Landmarks pulled from Antiquities. Voters chose to try their luck in the Fairgrounds, promising prizes won in random midway battles, while various Ballparks installed Smithy in the hope of allowing Teams to fix the stuff they break for a change. But despite the various hotspots offered by our League Historian, the hotly-contested Election largely proved to be a race for second place, as Fans voted in overwhelming numbers to open the Library, a collective effort to Remember Before. But what secrets might be found in the Stacks? What new Legends might be unearthed? Could History Repeat? Or will it Rhyme?

Internet League #Blaseball returns Monday May 10th at 11AM Eastern, 8AM Pacific!



Hit the Books! Play Ball!

Blaseball Roundup!

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