Open Enrollment is HERE! Annual Election Period 2020

Open Enrollment runs from October 15th through December 7th, 2020. Are you happy with your current coverage? You want a Medicare plan that will meet your needs, which can change from year to year. It is wise to review your needs now so you can decide what kind of Medicare benefits you want for 2020. As a licensed sales representative, I can answer your questions and help you get ready for the Open Enrollment Period. You must reach out to me if you want to make changes.  
I am here to help! If you have specific needs or questions answered as we approach Open Enrollment, please email me. This is the quickest way for me to get a response to you!
Thank you!
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Let's Get Those Basic Questions Answered

1. Do I have to make changes? 
NO. You do not have to make changes if you are happy with the current plan that you have. If you do not wish to make any changes, there is no action required on your part. Your plan will automatically renew on January 1st, 2020. Unless you Choose Another Plan, you will be enrolled in the same plan next year. If you want to keep me as your agent, please make changes with me directly. 
2. What is the change in Cost? 
UHC Plan 1 $39.00/month/ out of pocket max= $4,500 
UHC Plan 2 $0.00/month/ out of pocket max= $5,000
(You must also continue to pay your Medicare Part B premium $135.50/month unless it is paid for you by Medicaid.) 

• If you have a higher income, you may have to pay an additional amount each month for Medicare Part B. Check with Social Security to confirm the amount you pay monthly.
• Your monthly premium will be less if you are receiving “Extra Help” with your prescription drug costs. Are you interested in Extra Help, ask me if you qualify.
3. Over The Counter Essentials
Over the counter essentials is continuing for 2020 with the $50 per credit, per quarter. Place your order online through Walmart at or make your orders over the phone. The benefits expire at the end of each quarter, so be sure to make those orders! 
4. What Hospitals are in Network with UHC?
  1. Intermountain Healthcare 
  2. Mountain Star
  3. Promise Hospital of Salt Lake
  4. Steward
  5. University of Utah

Medicare Enrollment Periods

Have you been thinking about signing up for Medicare? Or changing your current Medicare plan? If so, you have probably also found yourself wondering when you can do this. Understanding when you can enroll and the best time to do so is an integral part of getting your Medicare plan.
There are two times when you can enroll for Medicare- the Initial Enrollment Period (IEP) and the Annual Election Period (AEP). The IEP is for individuals signing up for Medicare for the first time. AEP, also known as open enrollment, is the time for switching plans. Special Enrollment Period (SEP) is also a term to know. There is also General Enrollment Periods (GEP) for folks who missed their IEP or SEP and are subject to a late enrollment penalty. Let's break it down. 
  • Initial Enrollment Period (IEP): 
    • Most people know you qualify for Medicare when you turn 65, but many do not know when the exact enrollment period is or what their options are. The initial enrollment period is a total of 7 months- your birth month, 3 months before, and 3 months after. While you can apply early, the earliest your coverage can start is the first of the month of your birthday month.
    • During this period you can apply for Medicare parts A, B, C, and D. If you miss your initial enrollment period there is a special enrollment available for certain circumstances, or you can apply during the general enrollment period between January 1st and March 31st.
  • Open Enrollment Period (OEP): 
    • Open Enrollment takes place during the fall, between October 15th and December 7th, with coverage starting January 1 of the following year. This time period is when you can change your Medicare to a different plan such as Medicare Advantage or Medigap. Open enrollment options include but are not limited to:
      • Medicare Parts A & B can switch to a Part C plan
      • Medicare Part C can switch back to Parts A & B
      • Join, drop, or switch a Part D prescription drug plan
      • Medicare Part C can switch to a
      • new Part C plan
  • General Enrollment Period (GEP):
    • Runs from January 1st to March 31st. Every year, if folks missed their IEP or SEP, they can enroll the beginning quarter of the year and coverage would begin the following July of that same year. They would be subject to a late enrollment penalty. 
  • Special Enrollment Period (SEP): 
    • Depending on certain circumstances, you may be able to enroll in a Medicare plan outside of the IEP or OEP time frames. Some ways you may qualify for an SEP are if you:
      • Retire and lose your employer coverage
      • Move out of the plan's service area
      • Receive assistance from the state
      • Have been diagnosed with certain qualifying disabilities or chronic health conditions
      • Qualify for Extra Help

Where to Find Me this Open Enrollment! 

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What are you dressing up as?
The Referral Challenge will continue to run through October! For every friend/family member who you send to me that enrolls in a plan, I will mail you a $15 gift card to Walmart!
Standard Rules Apply: 
-Referrals must be new clients to me
-Referrals must enroll in a plan with me
-There is no limit to how many gift cards you can earn 
-Keep those referrals coming! 
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