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Get in the car $luts, we're heauxing around!

It's your bestie in a Tessie and this month she's back with not one, or even two, but three events! Whether you're looking to explore your creative side at our $tr!pper Life Drawing series this Friday, get loved up and cuff a cutie at QT/BIPOC speed dating on the 24th or hear from an incredible line-up of QT/Black organizers from across North America at Connected For the Culture on the 29th - we've got you covered with a month full of filthy debauchery raising money for a great cause

This Spring Get Sprung!

$tr!pper Life Drawing
Ft. Jessie Lovejoy
April 16th - 7pm/est
Fine Art Tickets!
Speed Dating
April 24th - 6pm/est
Get Loved Up!
For The Culture

April 29th - 8pm/est
Buy Now!
April 16th - Samantha Sun of the East London Strippers Collective returns to the Strap House to facilitate $tr!pper Life Drawing this Friday, April 16th with the stunning Jessie Lovejoy! This class is perfect for all skill-levels with newbies encouraged to join us! 

Proceeds go to Maggie's Toronto's Black SW Survival Fund, now less than $4,000 away From our $100,000 fundraising goal! 

Get tickets for this Friday night right here! You bring your friends, we'll bring our friends, and we can be friends tastefully admiring some fine art!
April 24th - It's hard to cuff a cutie in the middle of a panorama. We feel you. We see you and we've got you with this SW friendly speed dating for QT/BIPOC.* It's 100% definitely a totally selfless act on our part and not-at-all a play to pack our next club with you and bae(s)! 

Single? Poly? Here for the QT cuties? In need of basic human kindness and affection? Love the sound of my voice? QT/BIPOC Speed Dating is for you - get your tickets for April 24th here!

*The Strap House retains naming rights for first born and unlimited drink tickets at the wedding, but don't worry about the fine print. Tbh it's sus you're even reading this. 

*Unless it's working, comrade. Solidarity forever. 

We Want You To Support Our Fight For Decriminalization & Human Rights!

For just one small contribution of $1M or less than $3K a day (basically a Starbucks order), you too can support our movement for SW justice and improve the living + working conditions of SW in your area. Our Help A Heaux program also accepts unwavering solidarity!

When you pull up to any Strap House event you're supporting, admiring and paying Q/T Black SW for their talents! Participating in any of our shows, watching any of our talent means that you have a responsibility to support our fight for human rights! SW across the nation are organizing for decriminalization, freedom from state violence and terror. We're also running historic mutual aid efforts to show up for one another in the absence of government support. Now more than ever we need your help - it's time to pull up for us!

Wondering how to get started? We've added a special section to our site with everything you need to know about how to pull up for Black SW in your area! From local campaigns, petitions and fundraisers to rapid response + solidarity work - we're giving you everything you need to know to ride for these heaux!
Here's Everything You Need To Know To Support Black SW!

Support Local Whorganizations!

This month Canadian SW are launching a legal challenge against harmful laws that criminalize our work! 

The Canadian Alliance for SW Law Reform is challenging criminal laws that: 
  1. Prevent us from communicating for the purposes of our work. 
  2. Ban people from purchasing our services. 
  3. Provisions that ban us from making money and materially benefitting from our work
  4. Laws that prevent us from advertising our services on websites and chat boards!
Harmful laws make our work much more dangerous and expose us to state violence. This challenge is an important step in repealing Bill C-36! 
Maggie's Toronto's Black SW Emergency Survival Fund is $5,000 away from $100,000!
We're two solid sugar daddies sway from reaching this historic fundraising goal! Maggie's is giving out grants to Black SW impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic across Toronto and the GTA as well as emergency food boxes. 

We raise funds through our ticket sales and private shows, but it's. never a bad time to help a heaux & throw some cash at Black SW! 
We're proud to support our friends at Butterfly: Asian/Migrant SW Support Network working with massage workers across Toronto and the GTA!

The horrific shootings in Atlanta have revived conversations around gender-based violence and massage workers rights. These are struggles local SW in Toronto are fighting daily, including facing off against city council to address violence from Toronto police and bylaw enforcement officers. 

Keep up with Butterfly and donate to their solidarity fund to support migrant SW! 
Moka Dawkins continues to fight against police violence and surveillance. 

Following her release Moka has been building programs and supports for trans women, SW and formerly incarcerated people. She is outspoken about police violence and harassment, and is a powerful force for change in local movements for Black Liberation! 

Learn more about Moka's story and donate to her support fund through GoFundMe!

Find tickets for her birthday party + fundraiser on May 2nd! 
We need to talk about Bathhouses as key community spaces. These are gathering places, spaces of discovery, exploration, kink, desire and intimacy* that deserve all of the support and protection in our city's re-opening strategy.

The Coalition for Safe Bathhouse Re-openings is petitioning Toronto councillors and Public Health to meet and discuss specific re-opening strategies! Stay up to date on their work & support here! 

*filthy, messy, romantic, "gran-did-what-in-their-twenties?", toe-curling, praise-the-lord with a side of Montero kind of special.

Still with us?
One last announcement for our dedicated readers!

(We will not be taking questions at this time.)

The Strap House is QT/Black virtual club and event series supporting Black SW, artists and entertainers. We're the lovechild of a delicious alliance between Q/T Black organizers from Strapped TO and Maggie's Toronto SW Action Project.

We welcome talent from around the world and are always looking for new artists to build with! If you love our emails so much, why not get in touch at and marry us? That's life-time Strap House updates for the small cost of being legally bound to us for eternity - a total steal in this economy! 

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