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June 2021

Dear Friend,

A happy sigh. 
Do you recognize this? You have to present in a meeting and you feel anxious and this causes that your voice trembles or that you speak with a high pitched voice. You worry upfront that people will not take you seriously. But, good news, we have a magical solution for you – the happy sigh.

Huh, a happy sigh?
Yes, a happy sigh. Last week I learned what a happy sigh is and what it can do. On 3 June, in the 2nd workshop as part of our Polaris mentoring program. Cynthia Zhai, voice coach, TEDx speaker, and author taught us about the happy sigh. Next to that, we all practiced mind-boggling breathing exercises. The way you breathe has an effect on the power of your voice.

When you take a happy sigh, you release endorphins in your body which makes you feel more relaxed and stronger. So now I am hooked to a happy sigh. I do it when I have a difficult meeting online, I do it when I am busy and need more headspace, I do it when I am outside on my daily walk as it makes me more conscious of what I see around me. One side effect though, when you take a loud happy sigh, you get a lot of strange looks.

Curious about the happy sigh? You can view the session on YouTube in days to come,
I wish you lots of joy practicing this summer.

Ingrid Veling

Co-founder and Chairwoman 
Polaris Foundation

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Polaris Mentoring Group Testimonials
We want to continue celebrating the anniversary of our mentoring program by sharing a new testimonial! 
Meet Caroline Van Oppen, Owner at Recruitment&CO
Caroline shares her beautiful experience of being one of our mentees. 

The Dream team is growing!
This month we welcomed one new team member
Adriana Frasin - Digital Consultant 
Adriana's purpose in life is to be courageous, playful, connected to her heart and guide people towards fulfilment. Amongst her identities are: Transformational Life and Career Coach. Brand Strategist. Fundraiser. Ex-Corporate Manager. World Traveler. Rookie Investor. Makeup Artist. Human on a mission for a life well lived. 
Vacancies & Opportunities 

We are always looking for volunteers to be part of the Polaris community. In addition to having a chance to impact the world, we financially reward our volunteers and empower them to take ownership of their projects, learn, and grow. If you're interested and would like to know more or just start tomorrow, send us an e-mail to: and let's talk! 
Sponsorship & Partnership Opportunities

If you or your company would like to support the Polaris Foundation in a form of a sponsorship or partnership, get in touch with us, and let's talk! You can send us an email to: 
Event calendar 
 Polaris Leadership Series: "Boost Your Mindset for Change"

Thursday, September 16 2021, 8:00PM - 9:00PM CEST  
Join our latest Polaris leadership series where our Founder Ingrid Veling will be providing you with practical tools to solving misunderstandings, conflicts, and, help you address change in a positive way. You can register and learn more about this event here
 Inspire & Impact Together - Polaris Foundation Online Summit 2021

This year’s edition of the (mostly) annual “Inspire & Impact Together” Summit of Polaris Foundation was special. Not because it was online (although that added some extra spice to it too). What made it special were the participants. Their stories, their courage and vulnerability in sharing them where overwhelming. With help and guidance of the incredible keynote speakers, Aithan Shapira, Joanna Chmura and Viktória Pikovská, we added new "change-ability" tools and techniques, including “choicefulness” and resourcefulness, to our backpacks. We all stepped into The Unknown from the very first minutes and then, together, we kept practicing showing up and Leading into The Unknown. 
 Leading into the Unknown: Career Change 
Panel discussion co-organized by Polaris and Women Hiring Group

Last month we got together with Women Hiring Circle for a panel discussion “Leading into the Unknown: Career Change”. As the world changes, choosing a new career path and switching to a new profession becomes more and more common. You don’t need to be alone in this journey: look around your network, there’s always someone who’s been there before or going through the same struggle right now. Set your goal, have no fear, and remember that every failure is a great learning opportunity. Together we grow!
 Be heard with Your Powerful Voice  

In June we welcomed, Cynthia Zhai, voice coach, professional speaker, and best-selling author to teach us the power of our voices. We had a wonderful and interactive session where we learned how you could be heard and respected every time you speak. If you missed out on this event, you can watch the recording of the session on our Youtube channel soon. 
Missed out on past events? Subscribe to our Youtube channel
You can find the recordings of our previous events on our Youtube channel here. Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss out on any new videos that come out. 
Online courses for anyone working in multicultural teams & for translators
By Dorota Pawlak, Translator and Business Coach for Freelancers 

The links to the courses below include a 20% discount. 
Coupon to access all courses with 20% discount: POLARISDEAL. 

Check out the website here
Courses for translations: 

1. How to translate and localize websites - level 1 
2. How to translate and localize websites - level 2 
3. How to translate and localize mobile applications
A course for freelancers and anyone else working in a multilingual and multicultural setting: 
4. How to work and communicate with people from other cultures - in collaboration with Monika Zatylyny from Comsuo 
Study Online "Data and AI Learning" with AXVECO 
We've partnered up with AXVECO to deliver specialized data driven and technology learning paths for those who share a desire to learn new digital skills. Members of the Polaris community can enjoy a 15% discount on all AXVECO learning paths. The most relevant learning paths include:

To find more information please start here. If you would like to take advantage of the Polaris special offer, register with this promo code: Polaris2021 and use this code as “Coupon” to enjoy a 15% discount on the list price of any AXVECO learning path (link to start - here).

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