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Dear Friend,

The month of December has arrived. I personally love this month, it is a month full of moments to reflect on and with moments to look forward to in the future. We find the time to take a pause, spend time with our dear ones and prepare for the new year! Some of us make plans for the coming year, seeing it as a ‘new start’, some of us prefer not to set specific goals, live in the moment, and embrace the unknown. How do you experience the last month of the year? And how 2021 was for you? 

Looking around, I can say 2021 was an intense year for many. It was challenging from many perspectives, brought a lot of learnings for some, while others only felt exhausted. How do you manage to keep your energy levels up? And how do you use that energy in a constructive manner? Do you conserve it or do you keep going?  What are the supporting mechanisms you use to get out of the ‘red zone’? Which are your ‘non-negotiables’? If you don’t know yet, maybe this month you can find a moment to spend with yourself and identify them.✨

With gratefulness for all the unexpected learnings & challenges which this year brought, I am wishing you all a sparkling December & a New Year full of love, energy & inspiration!

Head of Growth & Operations 
Member of the Board of Polaris Foundation 

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Polaris Recommends
Summer has quickly whisked away and winter has approached us sooner than we would have all hope. October was Women’s Small Business Month and we wanted to take this moment to promote and feature some of the small businesses run by the women within our Polaris Community - regardless of the time of the year.. 

If you or someone you know would like your small business to be featured by us please reach out via or send us a DM to our
Instagram. We will feature your business on our social channels and in our next newsletter. All we ask of you is to send us a short bio about yourself and your business! 

We are very excited to support these small businesses and are looking forward to hearing from you. 
Moments to reflect and plan for next steps 

As we start to plan upcoming newsletters and events, we want to hear what your thoughts on Polaris are so far. What have you liked so far? What do you think we could improve on? And, what would you like to see in the near future? We kindly ask you to fill out our survey so we can build events and content based on your wants and needs. 
The survey is completely anonymous, and of course, if you would like to get in touch with us don’t hesitate to reach out via email: or through our social media platforms (IG, FB or LinkedIn: @Polaris_Foundation)
Vacancies & Opportunities 

We are always looking for volunteers to be part of the Polaris community. In addition to having a chance to impact the world, we financially reward our volunteers and empower them to take ownership of their projects, learn, and grow. If you're interested and would like to know more or just start tomorrow, send us an e-mail to:, and let's talk!
  • Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Copywriter
  • Mentoring Program Coordinator
  • Open Application: we also welcome anyone who would like to get involved in other areas 
Sponsorship & Partnership Opportunities

If you or your company would like to support the Polaris Foundation in a form of a sponsorship or partnership, get in touch with us, and let's talk! You can send us an email to:
Event calendar 
 Polaris Leadership Series: "Boost Your Mindset for Change"

Stay tuned! Date to be determined. 
Join our latest Polaris leadership series where our Founder Ingrid Veling will be providing you with practical tools to solve misunderstandings, conflicts, and, help you address change in a positive way. More information is yet to come so be sure to stay tuned for this event! 
 Polaris Foundation 2022 Mentoring Program 

Stay tuned! Application process will open soon*!

* If you already know that you would like to join our next Mentoring Program - as a Mentee, a Mentor or both, you can get in touch with us and save your spot in the program. E-mail us at
At Polaris, we are always looking for interesting and challenging topics for discussion. What drives you these days? What makes you concerned? Is there a subject where you could use some help from a bunch of like-minded ladies (and guys too)? Let us know about the topics that interest you and we'll make sure we add them to our 2022 agenda! 
 Polaris Foundation 2021 Mentoring Program Closing Event

Thursday, December 2, 2021 
Thank you for joining us to celebrate and learn together from the year of mentoring during the 2021 Mentoring Program. We are grateful to all Mentors and Mentees for their commitment to the mentoring journey and openness to learning and to each other. We heard many inspiring stories and impressions from the program participants yesterday. They have filled our hearts with joy and strengthened our determination to keep organizing the Mentoring Program. Soon we will announce and open the applications for the 2022 Mentoring Program. We would love to see you there!
Our event was even more special thanks to the workshop delivered by our Strategic Partner - Anna Żołądkiewicz, Co-Active Coach at 
Anna G. Coaching. In the highly interactive class "Green. Yellow. Burnout." aiming at supporting our mental health and well-being, we learned about nurturing our green zone and recognizing the yellow and the red zones. We talked about the power of, among others, the support systems in our lives. Look around and recognize who is in your support system and in whose support system you are. Consider exploring mentoring and coaching as ways to complement these systems. We also received many other practical tools just waiting for our application. What have you implemented today? 
 "Diversity, what does it mean startups and investors?" - Panel Discussion 

Wednesday, October 12, 2021 
Julia Jelińska, Polaris Foundation Board Member, joined a panel discussion on the meaning of diversity & inclusion for investors and start-ups. The international event was organised by Valley Date Tech, a platform supporting start-ups and scale-ups by offering entrepreneurs tools and resources, to validate and live out their entrepreneurial dreams or keep dreaming.

This webinar was part of the webinar series for serious entrepreneurs. Some of the questions on the virtual panel table were:

  • What are common problems that women are facing when leading a startup?
  • Why are they facing such problems?
  • How can we solve these problems? Tips tricks?
  • and many more.
Valley Date Tech is a new Strategic Partner of Polaris Foundation. 

For the Friends and Fans of Polaris that are at the start of their entrepreneurial journey, you can check 
validation services, where Valley Date Tech can help validate if your business ambitions are feasible or for the more seasoned entrepreneurs, they offer other growth services.
For a discount or another special offer with Valley Date Tech mention the code "Polaris Valley Date" AND inform Polaris about your request via e-mail to (for validation).

In January 2022 Valley Date Tech will hold a 
pitch competition  that might be interesting for any of you in the startup world.
Missed out on past events? Subscribe to our Youtube channel!
We're all having a busy summer and sometimes it's hard to make it to an online event. In case you missed out on some of our talks, you can find them on our Youtube channel here.
Kasia Giska Personal Branding

Our Strategic Partner, Kasia Van't Schip-Giska, Personal Branding Photographer and Visual Strategist (Kasia Giska Personal Branding) has a great offer for everyone.

Kasia helps female professionals and entrepreneurs to bring out their inner strength and beauty, build the visual strategy for their personal brand, and conquer the world!

With: POLARIS you will receive a 10% discount on all Offers.

Kasia helps female professionals and entrepreneurs to bring out their inner strength and beauty, build the visual strategy for their personal brand, and conquer the world!

Visit Kasia’s website and book a free discovery call today!
Anna G. Coaching 

Our Strategic Partner, Anna G. aka Energy: Human Being Coach, has a special offer for you, our Friends & Fans.

Anna's authentic energy empowers you to live according to your uniqueness courageously.

With the code: POLARISENERGY you will receive a 10% discount for individual sessions.

Visit Anna’s profile to book a session. 
Valley Date Tech 

We have a new strategic partner Valley Date Tech

A lean online accelerator program that offers entrepreneurs tools and resources, to validate and live out their entrepreneurial dreams or keep dreaming. For the special ones, Valley Date Tech provides them with growth capital.
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