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Welcome to your penultimate instalment of our 8-week online summer programme: Getting your Business Online!

We're back this weekend, <<Full Name>>, and we'd like to apologise for the slight delay in sending Week 6 & 7's email out to you - between tech issues, the excitement of the Start-Up Festival opportunity in Sweden, plus a visit from colleagues at Nazarbayev University in Kazakhstan the week before last - it's been a BUSY fortnight! 

We realise that these emails haven’t always been with you at the same time each week and this is something that we will aim to improve for the next programme we provide you with in 2019-20!

This week, we're going back to the internet and thinking, quite literally, about ‘Getting Your Business Online' once more with Social Media Scheduling and all you need to know about Email Marketing...

So, let's get started! 

By now, you should have decided which social media platforms are going to be the most relevant and appropriate for ‘Getting your Business Online’. This should be based on the kind of business you’re building (e.g. B2C or B2B), as well as who your audience is and where they spend their time.

Once you’ve decided on which to use, it’s important to consider how each channel you’ve selected can be used strategically, and often slightly differently, to work most effectively for your business (see our image below for a key example of this).

Take a moment this week to consider the social media channels you've selected. Thinking about our example above, pick three brands that you follow and spend 30 mins looking at how they use their different channels (e.g. for recruiting new members to their community, for brand awareness and general engagement, for positioning themselves as the expert).

Now, spend 20-30 mins considering you're own business and how you might use each of your channels strategically for 'wins' all-round... 

TIP #1
As well as pulling together a strategy for how each social media channel you've chosen (above) will aid your business, it’s crucial to think about how and when you'll batch create and schedule your content on each platform to ensure smarter working for you and your business.

Click here to read an article on '13 of the Best Social Media Posting and Scheduling Tools' to decide on which you'll use to batch create, plan and schedule your business's content.

TIP #2
Alongside social media, you’ll hear a lot in this day and age about mailing lists, landing pages, calls-to-action and the significance of email marketing!

The key is to remember that, like leveraging your connections and networks, email marketing is all about building important relationships with your customers and giving them value.

There are many pros and cons to this style of marketing, including:


- Emails can easily get marked as Spam or end up in Junk folders.
- You may not be reaching the right audience -
a smaller, invested audience is better than large numbers that aren't committed!
- Your creativity may be limited.

Have a read of this article for an introduction to 5 key things you need to know when considering Email Marketing.

As Tom Fishburne writes above, 'The best marketing doesn't feel like marketing' and your emails shouldn't either. Instead of selling instantly, and as the article above confirms, you should avoid using sales language in your emails for most communications with your customers.

Instead, consider the type of content (e.g. video tutorials, free online course content, blog post links, free downloadables and images or quotes shared for motivation) that you could share with your captive audience (your 'list') to provide them
VALUE - showing them why being on your list is so worthwhile. 

TIP #3
Sell sideways by providing value to your community of customers (your 'list)' 5 or 6 times over before you announce the news / launch of something you'd like them to purchase from you. And when sharing the news of your new product / service, show them the value of this for them and their lives once again.

Begin to use idea generation or brainstorming to plan your valuable content and think about when you might schedule this for (weekly, fortnightly, monthly).

Once you've got your plan, begin to batch create and schedule your emails e.g. 5-6 weeks created and scheduled in one weekend for maintaining both consistency and high quality.

Remember your brand guidelines (taught in Week 3).
Apply the same colours, logos and fonts to your emails to ensure your business is recognisable to those reading your mail in their inbox!

Above all, be consistent!
Still unsure and want more tips on email marketing for online businesses in 2019?
Check out this video!

And if you've not even begun growing your email list yet, don't panic!
There's a video for that, too! 
Build My List
REMEMBER: Across social media and emails, vary the content you're sharing with your captive audiences and communities: visual, audio, video, text, quotes and more!

REMEMBER: Always send yourself a test email first to see how each communication will look to your audience. Test your links are working before you schedule and send to everyone for real.

RECOMMENDED READS: Earlier in this programme, I recommended Jeff Walker's LAUNCH book to you. I'm recommending it again this week for the value it places on 'The Sideways Sales Letter' and landing pages to begin building your email list. It also provides you with a pre-launch sequence to prepare for launching your product / service to your captive audience!

EMAIL MARKETING TOOLS: We’d recommend considering which tool you’d prefer to use to create, schedule and send your emails. Take a look at Mailchimp as an example of one popular option that many businesses use! And if your website is built on Squarespace, did you know that it has an inbuilt version that you can use and link up to Mailchimp, too?

NEXT WEEK: We'll be ending the programme talking about all things Sales in your business!
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