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This week, we're taking it forward to the internet and thinking, quite literally, about ‘Getting Your Business Online with Social Media' and other forms of marketing. In particular, how this can help you to connect to new customers and contacts, start to build a mailing list (next week) and prepare for any BIG launch ahead of you and your business.


Introducing Chanelle Thompson, with Social Media Advertising 101!

Chanelle is a Social media advertising expert who will be joining the online course to deliver a Social Media Advertising 101 workshop as part of Week 5 of this online course.

So next week on Friday you will not get an email but you will get a workshop! 

 Friday 22nd at 11am 
Where: Online - Microsoft Teams (no account required) 

How do I join: click on the link below to register your email address and an invitation to the workshop will be sent directly to you on Friday morning. With a reminder email on Thursday 21st. 

What if I cant attend, will this mean I wont complete all 8 weeks of the course: No! We will record this session and share the link in Week 6 so you can catch up on what you have missed. :) 
Register for Social Media Advertising 101
When you’re thinking about utilising social media for your business, the idea above – that you can’t do all of things all the time – is VITAL.

So many first-time entrepreneurs and people starting-up their own businesses assume, given the day and age that we live in with so much technology at our fingertips, that their business MUST be on all social media platforms.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Whatsapp...
The list is rather exhausting!
While these channels no doubt have their benefits for both small and large organisations (when used strategically), the truth is that, in reality, some channels may not quite be all they’re cracked up to be (or as relevant / appropriate) for your particular business.
What this means is that, at this stage, as you prepare to put your business out there and share it online, it is REALLY IMPORTANT to ask yourself two key questions:
1) Do you really want to be spending ALL your precious time (which is limited enough) on covering all social media platforms? Will you really get the best RETURN ON INVESTMENT for the time spent developing and posting content in this way?
And, if the answer is no...
2) Which social media platforms will be the best and most appropriate for your business moving forward?

Read our top three pick of helpful articles and / or do your own research to figure out which social media platforms are best for your business.

Pick 1: Business News Daily: 'Social Media for your Business'
Pick 2: Blue Corona's article on Which Social Media is best for business'
Pick 3: How to Choose Social Media that fits your Small Business

Select one or two social media platforms to start your business's online journey with.

Along the way, there are two key parts of your business that you may wish to think about as these may help you to determine which channels you try first.

Your target audience is a key element of your biz to think about at this stage as you determine which social media channels are best for your business.

Firstly, which social media platforms are they actually using? Who are they and on which channels are they most likely to spend their time?
FOR EXAMPLE: If you are a supplier of knitting needles and wool aimed at Nanna's like those that knit our favourite breakfast cereals for us in the adverts (Shreddies!) and you're trying to reach out to them online, are you really likely to find them on Snapchat or the ‘Gram?


Tip 1: Prioritise where you spend your social media time based on where your audience is to get the best return on investment for the time you put in developing and posting your content.
B2B, B2C or Both?

Is your business B2B (Business-to-Business), B2C (Business-to-Consumer / Customer) or both?
Tip 2: Depending on how your business operates, you’ll want to use different social media platforms for accessing your potential customers, clients, partners and / or suppliers.
FOR EXAMPLE: If your business will be operating B2B, Twitter and LinkedIn are likely to be much more relevant for building your networks, connecting with people and successfully maintaining relationships with other businesses and individuals within your sector – people that you might find interested in what you offer later down the line or even find want to partner with / invest in you and your business on this journey!

Search using social media platforms to show you whether they're beneficial to your business!

Head to LinkedIn and, using the search bar, enter the name of the industry or a keyword that describes the industry your business is wanting to break into.

e.g. You might use 'Prosthetics' or you might use 'Vegan Food'.

Under 'More', select 'Companies' to see a list of businesses that you could be aware of and keep an eye on as your community / competition moving forward!

Go back a step to your original search results - you'll find a list of people using this keyword or connected to the industry that might be useful to reach out and connect to as you build your network of interested people ahead of the BIG LAUNCH DAY!

Every week we have been asking you to submit an activity to help you to develop throughout the course. 

Use this week to determine one or two social media platforms that are right for your business to start with and tell us which you've chosen and why.

Also, please send us your handles (your @....) so we can review and follow you. Simply click the button below and email us your details:
Activity Submission
Still unsure and want more tips on social media for online business in 2019?
Check out this video!
RECOMMENDED READS: Once you have decided on which two social media you'd like to try first when it comes to getting your biz online, have a read of Philiy Page's The Business of Creativity or listen to her podcast here about BLOCK CREATING CONTENT (because this stuff applies to everyone when it comes to social media!)

NEXT WEEK: We'll refresh your mind on scheduling social media, some of which you should pick up from our recommended podcast above, before we cover SEO and websites / landing pages...
Week 1 Content
Week 2 Content
Week 3 Content
After each week we ask you to submit an activity for review, this helps you keep on track but also gives us a chance to review your content and provide you with expert feedback to drive your business forward. 

But you don't have to do all this alone, every week we host an online Q&A meetup where we talk about the week's topic and provide answers to any business related questions.
This will be hosted at 3-4pm every Monday on Microsoft Teams (no sign up required).

Click the link here to join. (15th May 3-4pm GMT)
Join Q&A Session
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