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March 2021: Wildlife Adaptation Innovation Fund updates
Wildlife Adaptation Innovation Fund launches four new projects
WWF's WAIF program awards grants to pilot innovative ideas that help vulnerable species adapt to a changing climate. In 2021, we have funded four new projects, including a project in South Africa to provide water for birds of the Tankwa Karoo Desert, a project in Myanmar to restore Asian elephant habitat in North Zarmari Wildlife Sanctuary, a project in Nepal to increase water availability for tigers and their prey in the Shukla-Jogbuda complex, and a project in Mexico to reduce species vulnerability to drought in the Maya Forest. Keep an eye out for more information on these projects coming soon!

Visit the WAIF website to learn more about previously funded projects.
Tiger prey caught on camera!
New camera trap footage from our WAIF project in Thailand shows tiger prey at newly constructed watering holes, a good sign for recovering tiger populations.
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In the News...

A recent edition of African Birdlife magazine features a WAIF-funded project to help African penguins adapt to extreme weather events. Endangered African penguins face declining populations as climate change reduces their prey base and increases their vulnerability to more frequent and severe heat waves, storms, and cold snaps. The project tests the effectiveness of various nest designs and establishes a disaster response plan, based on nest monitoring and a newly installed weather station. When extreme events occur, local rangers will rescue abandoned eggs and chicks, and release them once conditions return to normal.

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WWF’s Climate, Communities and Wildlife program researches how wildlife and rural communities are being impacted by climate change, and develops and implements solutions to help them adapt. Projects include Climate Crowd, the Wildlife Adaptation Innovation Fund, and the Wildlife and Climate assessment series
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