Spencer Fluhman: “Tomorrow we ride for Zion!”

J. Spencer Fluhman delivered BYU's weekly devotional on Tuesday, July 30th. Text of the devotional is forthcoming. In the meantime, you can watch it now below!  
“The University and the Kingdom of God,” by J. Spencer Fluhman
July 30, 2019


New book on political rhetoric and the Book of Mormon coming in September

cover imageWe live in an era of heated political discourse. Communications professor David Charles Gore argues that the Book of Mormon makes a surprisingly serious contribution to understanding today's social troubles. Written for our day, says Gore, our Latter-day scripture invites readers to cultivate a "sober, wakeful approach" to political discourse. It invites us to eschew self-indulgent politics in favor of a politics oriented toward others. Of course, being with others and being for others is never easy. But by shouldering this work to persuade and be persuaded of the good Gore believes we can make our political situation more prosperous and more enduring.

The Voice of the People is the final book in the three-part series Groundwork: Studies in Theory and Scripture, edited by Adam S. Miller and Joseph M. Spencer. Read more about the book from author David Charles Gore here

Church releases new website about people with disabilities

logoToday the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced a brand new "Disability Resources" website for people with disabilities, their families, caregivers, friends, and leaders. The new site includes outlines of core Latter-day Saint doctrine applying especially to members with disabilities and their families, as well as teaching resources, information about Church policies and procedures pertaining to people with disabilities, and more:

In partnership with the Church, the Maxwell Institute is pleased to present a special episode of our podcast featuring a remarkable panel of scholars, believers, and disability specialists from countries and religious traditions around the world, including the Church's own Katie Steed, director of disability services. The discussion was recorded during the recent Summer Institute on Theology & Disability at Hope College in Michigan.

Don't miss this episode! It's all about how all of us can work together to create communities of belonging where people with disabilities and everyone else can feel welcome.
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Watch our recent live event, "Exploring the Book of Mormon," now!

Explorations in the Book of Mormon, July 14, 2019
Joseph M. Spencer, Terryl L. Givens, and Mark Wrathall discuss their forthcoming brief theological introductions to books in the Book of Mormon.

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MIPodcast #93
Women in the New Testament and beyond, with Carolyn Osiek

When you think about the earliest Christians you might imagine the twelve disciples, like Peter and John. Maybe Paul comes to mind. But what about women in early Christianity? What drew them to a life of discipleship and what did they bring to the community and the church as it began to spread?

Few people have spent as much time thinking about these questions as Dr. Carolyn Osiek, and she talks all about it in this episode of the Maxwell Institute Podcast. She also delivered the keynote address at the Institute's conference on women in ancient culture, available here

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