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The Maxwell Institute has been remarkably busy since Spencer Fluhman was named executive director in 2016. We've gathered 14 Institute scholars and 23 student assistants; hosted 15 special guest lectures; organized 3 academic conferences, 2 workshops, and dozens of Brown Bag lunches; published 13 books and 5 periodical volumes featuring over 100 contributing authors and over 50 book reviews; not to mention 37 Maxwell Institute Podcast interviews with 50 special guests.  

Learn more about the Institute's work of gathering and nurturing disciple-scholars in our new Annual Report for 2016 and 2017.
Our 2016–2017 Annual Report includes Kathleen Flake's 2017 Neal A. Maxwell Lecture, “Learning By Study, Even Religious Studies,” and Richard Bushman's stirring essay, “Finding the Right Words: Speaking Faith In Secular Times,” not to mention research reports from the Institute's full-time and visiting scholars and other Institute news and updates.
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February Events

  • Feb. 7, 14, 21, 28
    Wednesday Brown Bag 
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  • Feb. 22–23
    UVU's 2018 Mormon Studies Conference, "Mormonism and the Challenges of Science, Revelation, and Faith," featuring Institute scholars Deidre Green and Philip Barlow, and Living Faith author Steven L. Peck 
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Our Latest Books

To Be Learned Is Good features twenty-nine scholars reflecting on the relationship between faith and scholarship, all in honor of historian and Latter-day Saint Richard Lyman Bushman.   Learn more
Adam Miller's best-selling book Letters to a Young Mormon returns in a second expanded edition, published with Deseret Book. 
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The Institute is teaming up with University of Illinois Press to produce the Mormon Studies Review and the Journal of Book of Mormon Studies.

Learn about the new partnership on MSR here and JBMS here.
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This year's Summer Seminar on Mormon Culture will focus on Mormonism and science. BYU biology professor Steven Peck joins Terryl Givens as co-director. Applications for the seminar are due Wednesday, February 28, 2018.

MI Blog Highlights

Catherine Taylor's MI Scholar Lecture, "Lady at the Gate," is available to watch online here.
"Godless," a new television western from Netflix, weaves the story of the Mountain Meadows Massacre into its plot. How did they do? Visiting scholar Janiece Johnson has the scoop here
Richard Bushman talks about his career, faith, and scholarship on the latest episode of the Maxwell Institute Podcast. Listen here or read the transcript here.
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