Watch our recent “Forgiveness & Reconciliation” symposium online

Forgiveness is an indispensable skill in a world where conflict is inevitable—from daily squabbles to large scale violent conflict and everything in between. As Mpho Tutu and her father Desmond Tutu wrote in The Book of Forgiving, "“We can’t create a world without pain or loss or conflict or hurt feelings, but we can create a world of forgiveness.”

Mpho Tutu van Furth recently spoke at the Institute's symposium, "Forgiveness & Reconciliation," held at Brigham Young University on May 30. 

The symposium also featured Joseph Sebarenzi, Lisa Faulkner-Byrne, and Deidre Nicole Green. Each have thought deeply about what forgiveness and reconciliation look like in the contexts of Rwanda, South Africa, and Ireland. The lessons they've learned are broadly applicable in many different settings. They address religious perspectives and practical approaches to forgiveness and reconciliation.

The symposium was co-sponsored by BYU’s Kennedy Center–African Studies and BYU Law.

Maxwell Institute Podcast

Maxwell Institute Conversations—Terryl Givens interviews Steven Peck on science, evolution, the environment, and Mormonism

The Maxwell Institute  has teamed up with Faith Matters Foundation on new video podcast episodes featuring Terryl Givens. In this episode,  Givens interviews BYU professor of biology and author Steven Peck.  Listen or read the transcript.
MIPodcast #80—Robert Orsi on History and Presence

How can scholars of religion explain religious faith without explaining it away? Religious studies scholar Robert Orsi offers some bold answers in this episode.

Listen or read the transcript.


Summer Seminar on Mormon Culture happening now
through August

The theme of this year's Summer Seminar on Mormon Culture is "Mormonism and Science." Terryl Givens of the University of Richmond and Steven Peck from BYU are leading the seminar, which is sponsored by the Mormon Scholars Foundation. For six weeks this group of students will be asking questions about the intersections, conflicts, and theological syntheses Mormons have found with scientific thought. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram for updates! 

Cory Crawford researching women in the ancient temple 

Dr. Cory Crawford is currently visiting the Maxwell Institute as recipient of a short-term research grant. He’s working on a book about the Jerusalem temple, dealing especially with something scholars in the field have long neglected—the role of gender in understanding the temple, and the role of the temple in understanding gender.

Crawford is assistant professor of Biblical Studies in the Department of Classics and World Religions at Ohio University. He previously served as associate editor of the Institute’s Studies in the Bible and Antiquity

Learn more about Crawford and his research here.

Meet Josh Probert, our newest visiting scholar

The Institute is pleased to welcome Dr. Josh Probert as a visiting scholar from June 2018 through June 2019. Probert is a historian who specializes in American architecture, decorative arts, and the material culture of religion. 

While at the Maxwell Institute, Probert plans to bring to publication the late Paul L. Anderson’s manuscript Mormon Moderne: Latter-day Saint Architecture, 1890–1955. He's also reworking and publishing his dissertation, Gilded Religion in the Age of Tiffany, 1877–1932

Probert currently works as a historic interiors consultant to the LDS Church on various projects related to nineteenth- and early-twentieth-century temples and teaches as an adjunct professor in BYU’s departments of history and art history. 

Learn more about Probert and his research here.

Mormon Theology Seminar wraps up in Assisi, Italy

Participants in the 2018 Mormon Theology SeminarThis year's Mormon Theology Seminar, co-sponsored by the Institute's Willes Center for Book of Mormon Studies, was held in Asissi, Italy., Participants focused on Mosiah 4—King Benjamin's magisterial sermon on salvation and imparting substance to the poor.

Participants spent two weeks reading the text with meticulous attention to detail. Each presented a paper based on their own research at a symposium at the seminar's conclusion. 

Papers from this year's Seminar will eventually be published, but you can catch up on past seminar publications here


July Events

  • July 2–August 8
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  • July 11
    Wednesday Brown Bag, with Ralph Hancock
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    Wednesday Brown Bag, with Jason Kerr 
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