Scholars, students come together for symposium on women in the ancient world

On March 8 and 9 the Maxwell Institute hosted a unique conference called "Material Culture and Women's Religious Experience in Antiquity." It was unique particularly in the way it brought established scholars in the field together with graduate and undergraduate students, all of whom presented research focusing on the religious lives of ancient women. 

Video of the keynote lecture is available for you to watch now: Dr. Carolyn Osiek, RSCJ presents “Between the Holy and the Ordinary: Women’s Lives in Early Christianity.

Upcoming Events

  • April 10, 17, 24
    Brown Bag Wednesday
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  • April 30
    GUEST LECTURE—George B. Handley (Brigham Young University), speaking about the release of his new book If Truth Were a Child. 4 pm in the Education in Zion Theater. More details forthcoming. 


If Truth Were a Child—a new Living Faith book coming April 23

The series that brought you Adam Miller's Letters to a Young Mormon, Patrick Mason's Planted, and Ashley Mae Hoiland's One Hundred Birds Taught You to Fly is releasing its next offering on April 23rd: George B. Handley's If Truth Were a Child.

We live in an age of polemics. Choices are presented as mutually exclusive and we are given little time to listen. You are either secular or religious. You either believe in the exclusive truth of your own religion or you believe that truth is everywhere, or nowhere. The battle over truth rages on.

But what if truth were a child?

With how much more care and humility would we speak and act if truth was not the result of some war of wills, but a flesh-and-bone living child, a living soul? Something that couldn’t be owned or divided up into broken pieces but was instead something we must learn to gather and keep together with love? In these thirteen essays, Handley charitably invites us to put away the false “traditions of the fathers” while seeking to “lay hold of every good thing” wherever it may be found in the world (D&C 93:39; Moroni 7:19).

If Truth Were a Child exemplifies how education in the Humanities can enrich our pursuit of truth and increase our faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s the latest offering in the Maxwell Institute’s Living Faith book series.
Watch Dr. Xi Lian's remarkable lecture about a Chinese Christian martyr
Dr. Xi Lian of Duke Divinity School joined us on March 12 to talk about Lin Zhao, the 36-year-old poet and journalist who was executed during Mao's Cultural Revolution for her open and unbending opposition to what she called the “tyranny and slavery” of Chinese communism. Dr. Lian recently published a book about the life and writings of Lin Zhao who became, in the words of the late Nobel Peace laureate Liu Xiaobo, “the only voice of freedom left for contemporary China.”

The lecture was entitled “Opposing Totalitarianism in the Name of God: Lin Zhao’s Martyrdom in Mao’s China.” It drew wide interest from across campus and the Provo community. Dr. Lian is also scheduled to appear on a future episode of the Maxwell Institute Podcast. 
MIPodcast #90—Editing and illuminating the Book of Mormon, with Grant Hardy and Brian Kershisnik

The Maxwell Institute Study Edition of the Book of Mormon has finally been published—a watershed moment in the history of Latter-day Saint scripture publishing. It’s the first study edition ever published by a church affiliate. Editor Grant Hardy and artist Brian Kershisnik join us to talk all about it.  Listen or read the transcript.
Terryl Givens interviews Thomas Wirthlin McConkie about his journey back to the Latter-day Saint fold

The Maxwell Institute and the Faith Matters Foundation are producing new video podcast episodes featuring Terryl Givens.  Watch here.
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