Professor Xi Lian to speak about remarkable Chinese Christian martyr

In 1968, at the height of China’s Cultural Revolution, 36-year-old poet and journalist Lin Zhao was executed inside Shanghai’s Tilanqiao Prison for her open and unbending opposition to what she called the “tyranny and slavery” of Chinese communism under Mao. She had rooted her dissent in her faith in God, having converted to Christianity prior to becoming a Communist herself. 

An estimated total of two million Chinese perished during the violence of the Cultural Revolution. Most of these people are lost to history, their voices lost or muted. What has kept Lin Zhao’s voice alive and turned her tomb into a prime pilgrimage site for democracy activists in contemporary China?

This month at Brigham Young University, historian Xi Lian will discuss the life and writings of Lin Zhao, a woman who became, in the words of the late Nobel Peace laureate Liu Xiaobo, “the only voice of freedom left for contemporary China.” Xi Lian is Professor of World Religions at Duke Divinity School.

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Tisa Wenger's lecture on religious freedom now available online

Historian Tisa Wenger recently delivered a Maxwell Institute Guest Lecture on religious freedom. While her scholarship acknowledges the ideal of religious freedom is rightly celebrated, it also depicts the history of its uses as a “cautionary tale.” According to Wenger, religious freedom talk in America has tended to privilege the dominant white Christian population and to support U.S. imperial expansion. But in response to oppression, minority groups at home and colonized people abroad have also invoked and reinterpreted this ideal to defend themselves and their ways of life.

Dr. Wenger's lecture offers suggestions about how we can understand the history of Latter-day Saint religious freedom talk within this broader comparative frame.
Dig into the New Testament this year with the Maxwell Institute Podcast
Latter-day Saints have turned to the New Testament this year for home and Sunday school curriculum. The Maxwell Institute Podcast has compiled over thirteen hours of discussion about the New Testament, its composition, its stories, its spiritual and theological power, and also the experiences and beliefs of the scholars who spend their lives studying it. 

Supplement your personal and group study with these great episodes. Taken together, they’re like a mini crash course on the New Testament! Audio and full written transcriptions of each episode are available, making them easy to share with those who love to listen and also those who prefer to read. 
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