Summer Seminar on Mormon Culture looks at Science and Mormonism

The theme of this year's Summer Seminar on Mormon Culture was "Mormonism and Science." Terryl Givens of the University of Richmond and Steven Peck from BYU are led the seminar, which is sponsored by the Mormon Scholars Foundation.

Students were privileged to hear from guest speakers like planetary scientist Jani Radebaugh, biologist Michael Whiting, and environmentalist George Handley. They enjoyed a hike to beautiful and remarkable Timpanogos Cave. They examined skull replicas from humans and other hominids gone by. 

The students present working papers on science and Mormonism today, August 9, at Brigham Young University. If you can't attend, you'll be able to sample their papers—as well as papers from past seminars—at

Maxwell Institute Podcast

Maxwell Institute Conversations—Terryl Givens interviews Kate Holbrook on remarkable lives of Latter-day Saint women

The Maxwell Institute  has teamed up with Faith Matters Foundation on new video podcast episodes featuring Terryl Givens. In this episode,  Givens interviews LDS Church historianKate Holbrook.  Listen or read the transcript.
MIPodcast #81—Mpho Tutu van Furth on Forgiveness

On the surface, forgiveness seems like such a simple concept but it can be one of the most difficult things we ever do. Mpho Tutu van Furth talks about The Book of Forgiving, co-written with her father Desmond tutu. Listen or read the transcript.


Meet Christopher Blythe, our newest research associate

The Maxwell Institute is pleased to welcome Christopher James Blythe as a Research Associate at our Laura F. Willes Center for Book of Mormon Studies. He joins us after three years of documentary editing at the LDS Church History Department’s Joseph Smith Papers. Blythe obtained his PhD from Florida State University in American Religious History in 2015.

While at the Institute, Blythe will be working on a cultural history of Book of Mormon geography. Rather than take sides in this complicated issue, his book will examine why Latter-day Saints have preferred one setting for the Book of Mormon over another at different moments in LDS history. He’s particularly fascinated by the Latter-day Saint interest in New World archaeology—ruins in Mesoamerica, petroglyphs in Utah, and so forth—and plan to document these trends as well.

Learn more about Blythe and his research here.

Adam Miller's latest book An Early Resurrection now available

Along with Nephi, “we talk of Christ, we rejoice in Christ, we preach of Christ” (2 Nephi 25:26), but in all our talking and learning, have we learned how to live in Christ? What does a life in Christ look like—or feel like?

In this thought-provoking exploration of the writings of the apostle Paul and Book of Mormon prophets, Adam Miller examines what life in Christ looks like.

We often hope for an abundant life with Christ in the next life, but how can we let ourselves and our own desires die so we can be born again to a new life, a full life in Christ, here and now in this mortal life? Embark with Adam Miller on this journey—at once scriptural, philosophical, and literary—and discover one way to share a life with Christ as if he were present today.
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August Events

  • August 9
    Summer Seminar on Mormon Culture—Symposium
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  • August 15
    Wednesday Brown Bag, with Christopher Blythe
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  • August 22
    Wednesday Brown Bag, with Deidre Green
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October 12, 2018

This October the Maxwell Institute will be hosting a commemoration of the fortieth anniversary of the 1978 revelation on race, temple, and priesthood blessings. Scholars will explore the revelation's 19th- and 20th-century contexts, its international dimensions, and what it means for the LDS Church today. Mark your calendars now and stay tuned for more information! 
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