Watch Adam Miller’s “Life In Christ Before You Die”

What is Adam Miller up to in his latest book? Here's an excerpt from Adam Miller’s recent guest lecture:

“To be fair, life in Christ is not a useful way to live if I’m bent on earning money, looking fabulous, being comfortable, winning prizes, or becoming famous. It’s not a good strategy for maintaining the illusion that my life is my own. 

In Christ, such things may or may not come. But, either way, they won’t matter. And, either way, I won’t need them. In Christ, I will have the one thing these idols could never give: I’ll be alive right now. And I won’t be alone.”

Enjoy the full lecture online here!

Maxwell Institute Conversations—Terryl Givens interviews George Handley on creation and discipleship

The Maxwell Institute  is teaming up with Faith Matters Foundation on new video podcast episodes featuring Terryl Givens. In this first installment,  Givens interviews BYU Humanities Professor George Handley about connecting with the divine through nature and about being good stewards of the earth. 

Listen here or read the transcript here.

Watch Kenneth L. Woodward’s MI Guest Lecture, “Is the Future of American Religion Already Behind Us?”

Kenneth L. Woodward spent nearly forty years as religion editor for Newsweek magazine. What did his 750 articles—nearly 100 of them cover articles—his reporting from five continents, and his four books teach him about the place of religion in American society?

Woodward discusses his experiences in "Is the Future of American Religion Already Behind Us?" The event included a stirring panel discussion with BYU's J.B. Haws and Deseret News's Kelsey Dallas. 



Benjamin Park using short-term research grant to study Nauvoo

Sam Houston State University's Benjamin Park is at the Maxwell Institute this summer working on his tentatively titled book, Democracy’s Discontents: A Story of Politics, Polygamy, and Power in Mormon Nauvoo. He’s one of the Institute’s 2018 short-term research grant recipients, but you might recognize his name because he’s been an associate editor of our Mormon Studies Review since volume 1.

Dr. Park reflects on empathy in scholarship and discipleship here

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