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To the reader:

The FIRE-IN project, Fire & Rescue Innovation Network, provides an EU-wide collaborative platform for first responders, researchers, and industries to access state-of-the-art solutions answering the needs of practitioners.

The solutions are technologies, standards, guides, etc., available on the market (with at least TRL 9). This dossier describes a selection of solutions already available and introduce on-going research projects working on new solutions.
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 The next dossier will be on “Create certainty and shared vision of emergencies”

Develop public self-protection and awareness
What does it mean?
The public might be involved in an emergency and needs to behave safely, develop self-protection or even contribute to rescue other people affected.
Measures to ensure that include:
  • Education of general public on risk awareness and self-protection.
  • Training on the knowledge of risks and appropriate solutions to be aware of the implications of their own decisions.
  • Division of the population into different subgroups based on vulnerability, accessibility, impact etc. Especially, focus on the most exposed and vulnerable target.
  • All phases of emergency and the different levels of risks.
  • Training population as first responders.
  • Provision of tools to make decision easier for potential victims.
  • Organization of mandatory exercises financed by owners of high risks activities.
  • Management of crowds and control their panic.
  • Strengthening the appropriate population response, provide instructions to follow in case of a risk.
The dossier describes solutions and projects contributing to these activities
Develop public self-protection and awareness
Selection of innovative solutions
KATWARN, The Warning and Information System for the Public

KATWARN provides warnings for the current location (“guardian angel”) and for seven freely selectable location favorites (e.g., home, office, and school) as well as topic-related subscriptions (e.g., for events and concerts).
This way, users can be reached with warnings and safety-relevant information, both in acute danger situations and as a preventive measure. Location-based warnings propagate important information directly to those who are affected by a hazard, like a major fire or a bomb finding. Persons outside the danger area are not disturbed.
With the topic-related warnings, information is targeted and preventively sent to subscribers with specific interests, such as music concerts or public events. In case of a risky situation on the spot, they receive a notification, even if they have not yet arrived.
Company: TURMsolutions GmbH
Usage: warning the public about disaster or as preventive measure
Contact:  Ortwin Neuschwander (
INA, the intervention app that makes every minute count

The INA interface has been optimised specifically for the needs of the fire services through a development process in which a group of fire officers were closely involved.
The communication between all stakeholders is streamlined in the intervention channel so that everyone has the same view and unnecessary communication is avoided.
Every effort was made to have easy and quick access to all information. This focus on an easy-to-use interface has resulted in INA winning the award for «most user-friendly Belgian eGov app in 2020». Future developments include the use of information and data coming from social media. Multiple fire brigades use INA on a daily basis for intervention.

Usage: communication for fire brigades and all stakeholders
Contact:  Stefan Ruyters (

Ofire+ is an integrated solution for the management of the static/ dynamic risk due to wildland fires, targeted to facilitate the local needs of critical infrastructure which are prone to such danger. Currently the product is scaling-up to a unified platform of solutions, able to aid and facilitate the operational procedures of local authorities, as defined by national civil protection legislation and guidelines. Also, the platform is fully customizable to facilitate respective civil protection procedures of private establishments, such as touristic and others. Apart from the local characteristics and static/ dynamic risk, the platform includes features such as direct communication, targeted information, awareness raising as well as early warning from credible social media feeds, for the preparedness and guidance of staff, crews, and civilians through an interconnected, smart mobile application. In addition, the platform’s modular architecture expands with specialized tools, based on cutting-edge scientific methods, for managing the local risk from specific natural disasters such as wildfires, floods, and earthquakes. The basic parts of the system are the web application (platform) and the mobile application, which work in an interoperable manner and their in-between channel is one of the main advantages of the solution.
Company: OMIKRON Environmental Consultants SA
Usage: Due to the changing climate and the intensity of natural hazards, these solutions meet with the rising regulatory needs of private and public infrastructures for local/ specific incident planning and response in order to minimize the risk and enhance the resilience.
Contact:  Georgia Kalantzi (
Real time earthquake shaking maps for Greece
Real-time Ground Shaking Maps of Peak Ground Acceleration (PGA in g units) and Peak Ground Rotations (PGR in mrad/s2) for earthquakes with magnitude M ≥ 4.0 in Greece and broader area. The list of earthquakes includes events of the last 30 days. Seismological data are derived in real-time from the Seismological Laboratory of the University of Athens. Ground Shaking Maps are produced automatically without human intervention. Events may have not been reviewed by a seismologist. The algorithm is written and developed in MATLAB environment. The calculation of PGA and PGR is based on various studies calibrated for Greece, as well as recorded data. 

Company:   National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Usage: Free online application for real time earthquakes for Greece with magnitudes M≥3.8. The user can zoom in and out the map and click on a specific grid point or a seismological station in order to see the exact value of PGA and PGR. 

Contact:  Vasiliki Kouskouna (
G-SAPI - staff monitoring and alert system

The system makes it possible to immediately signal in real time any vehicle entering the safety zone. This system consists of a camera attached to the rear of the VSR and a stroboscopic light, image processing software on an on-board PC, and a touch screen inside the cabin. of the machine. Thanks to this system, in a few seconds, a member of the VSR crew draws the surveillance area very intuitively and quickly on the touch screen. This area is then monitored by the SAPI. If a vehicle enters the defined area, three types of alerts are triggered simultaneously to warn the personnel involved:
A strobe-type flashlight, positioned at the rear of the VSR, which alerts the driver of the vehicle that he is in a prohibited area
A very powerful foghorn type siren warns the firefighters present on the site
As an option, a high-visibility vest equipped with LEDs that change color and go from white to red on receipt of the message sent by the software
Company:   SDIS78
Usage: alert of population entering in a safety zone

Contact: Aymeric ARNOULD (Aymeric.ARNOULD@SDIS78.FR)
FR-ALERT is a population alert system
Through mobile telephony, the FR-ALERT system provides information on the nature and location of a danger or a threat and indicates the actions and behaviors to adopt in order to protect oneself from these dangers or to reduce as much as possible the exposure to the effects of these threats.
Notifications can convey information on:
  • the nature of the risk (a fire, a flood, an industrial accident...);
  • the authority that broadcasts the alert;
  • the location of the danger (establishment, district, town, agglomeration, department...);
  • the attitude to adopt (stay at home, evacuate the area...);
  • if necessary, a link to obtain additional information on an official website.
In addition to the alert notification, additional information on the evolution of the situation is broadcast by the same channel in the same geographical area: details on the nature of the danger, the geographical area concerned, on the behavior to adopt... The end of the alert is also be notified.
Company: French Ministry of Interior
Usage: alert of the population in case of hazardous situations
Contact:  Wilfried STEFIC (
Similar systems exist in other European countries, e.g., in Greece and in Belgium.

Develop public self-protection and awareness
Selection of standards and guidelines

Guide for Emergency Preparedness and Correct Action in Emergency Situations [Guide]

BBK – Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance (Germany)
Staying safe in spite of a disaster
What can you do for your safety in the event of a disaster?
In spring 2013, after weeks of rain, whole areas of southern, eastern, and northern Germany were beset by catastrophic floods. Settlements vanished in the floods up to the roofs of the houses, tens of thousands of emergency personnel and volunteers struggled against the water with sandbags. Villages and parts of towns had to be evacuated, and the citizens were only able to take the essentials with them.
Disasters are part of life. Almost every day, we can read about disasters and largescale emergencies in a variety of media and see the images of destruction and suffering. These are not just major disasters which affect large areas for a long time. Local torrential rain, a severe storm, an electric power breakdown resulting from such a storm, or a house fire can trigger a very personal disaster for each individual, each family, which has to be overcome. Take the time to contemplate your personal emergency planning. This brochure aims to help you to develop your personal
preparedness plan.
Public Safety Canada

72 hours: Is your family prepared?

If an emergency happens in your community, it may take emergency workers some time to reach you. You should be prepared to take care of yourself and your family for a minimum of 72 hours.
Learn how quick and easy it is to become better prepared to face a range of emergencies – anytime, anywhere. Use this guide to create your own emergency plan. Use the checklists to build a 72-hour emergency kit. These basic steps will help you take care of yourself and your loved ones during an emergency.
Develop public self-protection and awareness
Selection of projects


The European Commission upgraded the EU Civil Protection Mechanism and created rescEU to reinforce and strengthen components of the EU’s disaster risk management. It aims to both protect citizens from disasters and manage emerging risks.

rescEU establishes a new European reserve of resources (the ‘rescEU reserve’) which includes a fleet of firefighting planes and helicopters, medical evacuation planes, as well as a stockpile of medical items and field hospitals that can respond to health emergencies.

The EU is also developing a reserve to respond to chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear incidents.
These three projects funded under the Horizon 2020 program are focusing on interoperability across borders and next generation of broadband radio communication systems for public safety and security to improve Public Protection and Disaster Relief’s services to Europe’s citizens.
Broadmap was the first step in collecting and validating the Public Protection and Disaster Relief organizations’ existing requirements with the aim to establish a core set of specifications, and roadmap for procurement, to achieve future evolution of EU broadband applications and interoperable radio communication solutions.
Broadway is based on calls for tenders for industries in order to finance the development of innovative technologies. It is the second step procuring innovation activity to enable a pan-European broadband mobile system for Public Protection and Disaster Relief, which will be validated by sustainable tests and evaluation of capabilities. It is now in its third and last phase lead by Airbus DS and Frequentis AG, two leading international companies in their area.
BroadGNSS will build upon the success of the BroadWay outcomes by procuring innovative solutions for Applications, Synchronisation and Monitoring of Critical Mobile Broadband Communication Infrastructure and Information Assets for Public Protection and Disaster Recovery (PPDR) Operations. This project brings together a joint procurement team of the French Ministry of Interior, the Estonian Infocommunication Foundation and the Finnish Erillisverkot.
The combination of the results of BroadWay and BroadGNSS will contribute to provide improved mission critical services to public safety responders.
Website : CORDIS :
Website : CORDIS :
Contacts: or
Social Media - Twitter: @BroadWay_H2020   @BroadMap_H2020   @Broadgnss_EU

LINKS - Strengthening links between technologies and society for European disaster resilience
LINKS is a project which started in June 2020 and is still ongoing. The project aims to develop a framework which can be used to understand, measure and govern Social Media and Crowdsourcing (SMCS) for disasters, considering the diversity among disaster risk perception and vulnerability, disaster management processes and applied disaster community technologies across European communities. This framework will be used to improve the European disaster resilience through the use of SMCS. Overall, LINKS will provide sustainable, advanced learning on SMCS in disasters, in order to strengthen links between technologies and society for improved European disaster resilience.
Communication Materials - Links Project (
Principal Investigator : Kees Boersma –
Project Coordinator: Nathan Clark –
Media :
SMART FIRE BARRIER - Innovative Forest Fires Prevention Infrastructure for Residential Areas, Forestry and Critical Infrastructures
SMART FIRE BARRIER is a project which ended in 2015. The project aimed to generate a sustainable and scalable business model based in a value proposal in terms of Sustainability of the Rural Environment, Self-protection, and Affordable Costs, addressed to the private sector.
Existing alternatives for fire prevention are intensive in terms of land occupation and cost, hindering their execution and intensifying the Forest Fire damage, especially in Wildland Urban Interface areas.
By means of PYRO SMART FIRE BARRIER, the creation of invisible fire protection perimeters will enable users to protect residential areas and infrastructures from a forest fire by themselves, and the probability of fire starting as a result of human activity (90% of total) will be reduced. The market release of the SMART FIRE BARRIER will represent the first opportunity for complementing the public funded prevention activities with affordable and feasible solutions, based in validated research results.
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